Collection Of Best WordPress Plugins 2011

If you are searching for the best free plugins that can enrich the features and functionality of your WordPress blog, look no further. I have listed 100+ free wordpress plugins that every WordPress blog should have.

The 15 Best WordPress Plugins to Use in 2011

This list is the 15 most incredible WordPress plugins. Only the 15 best WordPress plugins have made it while anything less than amazing has been kicked to the street. Only 5 plugins survived last year’s listing to be returned this year. The rest are fresh to this year.



Top 50 WordPress Plugins for 2011 to Zoom SEO, SMO & Audience Engagement

Check out these 50 WordPress Plugins to zoom your SEO, audience engagement and brand in 2011. I did a couple other posts with my favorite WordPress plugins and decided to update with almost all of the ones I have used in 2010.



10 WordPress plugins to enhance your blog’s typography

Have you ever visited a blog and noticed immediately how the typography added sophistication and really made the content stand out? Perhaps it was an elegant typeface that fit the theme of the blog, or white space that was used proficiently throughout the layout. Whatever it was, it caught your eye, and you probably wondered how they did it.



8 Excellent WordPress Caching Plugins to Speed Up Your Site

If you use WordPress as your publishing platform and are concerned about speeding up your website, caching will help you. The faster a web page loads, the better the user experience is.



WordPress Plugins that Make Your Blog Comments Social

Have you noticed a decrease in the number of blog comments you get and an increase in Facebook likes and Twitter tweets about your posts?

Are you worried that you are loosing social proof about the validity of your posts to the social media conversation, rather than as direct comment on your site?

There is a way to get the best of both worlds and aggregate comments and social media responses on your site.



20 WordPress Plugins For Better Image Handling

Images and photos are an integral part of almost every successful blog these days. If your text isn’t accompanied by images, few people are going to be interested in what you’ve got to say- it’s sad, but true. The problem is, with so many people uploading images to their blogs in interesting and unique ways, it’s hard to make your blog stand out unless you’re doing the same.



10 WordPress Plugins to Help Optimize Performance

One of the biggest reasons behind WordPress’ popularity is the vast number of plugins that can not only extend its functionality but there are also many plugins that will improve the performance of a site. These plugins have the capability to make a site faster, that is, they enable it to load quicker and more efficiently. They will ultimately help in improving the search engine rank of a page. If a site takes a long time to load, it can’t expect to have good search engine rankings.
WordPress has some amazing plugins that can make a site load much faster, here are some of our favorites that will aid in improving and optimising your sites performance.



16 WordPress Plugins for Managing Ads

Blogging had been a famous avenue in the internet nowadays. Lots of people actually earn money from the blogs they created. Direct ads selling have also become popular, and many bloggers actually use this as a means to earn through their ads by advertising it in their web pages. If you’re a WordPress user that in needs of plugins to manage your ads, this new article will come in handy for you.



5 WordPress Plugins To Increase Your Blog’s Security

WordPress, like any other popular script or online service, is heavily targeted by malicious users who try to get access to it to use the high-jacked blogs or services to execute malicious activities. This includes spamming ads to the blog’s visitors or placing links to their sites on the blog’s pages.



6 Essential Plugins For WordPress Theme Developers

If you create themes for WordPress, free ones to the repository, premium ones to theme marketplaces or exclusive ones for your clients, there are some techniques that you will probably use to preview, debug and profile your work. The official themes repository and the marketplaces generally have reviews that you have to pass before your theme is listed, and clients, well it’s a good idea to write quality code for clients too. Will turn out better in the long run and won’t break during a core update next month 😉



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