Collection Of Best Website Designs 2011

Check out some of the freshest, most interesting web designs from around the web. Many of these are new for 2011 and all of them are worth a look or two. Enjoy!

60 outstanding collection of Church website design

During starting era of website design Church website was behind the times but not so many years ago Church websites had made there ground with sleek and intuitive design among many others.

These 60 outstanding inspiration of church website design not only helps to develop or design website related to Church but also for creating websites in other fields.


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35 Beautiful Sketchy Websites

By using hand-drawn style in web design you can give a fun look, unique style, visual appeal and allow them to reveal their skills in another media aside from paper. In this roundup we have compiled some amazing websites that use hand-drawn and sketchy elements. Enjoy!!


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70+ Latest Examples of Modern Single-Page-Website Designs

As you’ve already seen in our previous posts about Single Page Website Designs that showcasing your work in single page design is a hot trend now days. It’s kind of ironic to see what designers can do with single pages as modern age designers love to experiment with things and observe how people interact with their work. Even though this is not a common trend to follow but still as the new design styles come up, and as more and more designers notice them and make use of them in their work, this kind of trends emerge.

In this presentation, you’ll find a variety of highly-creative, beautiful and most importantly inspirational designs which is following the same trend of single page designs.


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The Best Of 2011: Trendy Web Designs From Deviantart

Year 2011 is rolling forward swiftly and the middle of summer is nearly here. Some of you might unwittingly note that the end of the summer is inevitable while for others that remaining month and half is enough to fully enjoy the benefits that summer offers. Here in the virtual world the time is running even faster and we can already see some of the changes this year has brought to us. Imperceptibly and subtly yet compelling the new web design trends are conquering the scene. Because of the immense traffic and user count Deviantart can definitely be considered to be a trendsetter.


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30 Awesome Game Website Design for Inspiration

Designing websites for online games has been a constant part of my design life and searching for inspiration is always endless. Here are my collection of 30 carefully selected fantastic websites that more or less inspired me. You can also view my portfolio for my designs of game websites.


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Web Typography Case Studies: January 2011 Edition

alking about the technical rules of proper typography is great… but where the rubber really hits the road is when we can begin looking at examples of typography in action and analyze why it works. One of the beautiful things about typography is that, much like the languages that we use to communicate with each other in, the way in which you use type in a design gives it a voice. You can yell and scream or you can whisper quietly… it’s all up to you and how you want your message to be heard.


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Showcase of Web Design In Argentina

Argentina is a melting pot of races and cultures, and its people have developed a complex identity. Tango, political passion and soccer are just some of the features of this South American country’s make-up.

Argentina is an important cultural center, with a plethora of museums and art galleries where the European influence on design, architecture and lifestyle is palpable. Since 1981, UNESCO has distinguished Argentina by including certain properties of natural and cultural significance on the World Heritage List.


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25 Examples of Footers in Web Design

As a user I really like to find a well designed footer in a website. I think it is nice to know that the designer was thinking about everything when putting the layout together, I feel happy to find a beautiful design “from header to footer.” And by that I don’t mean that the layout must be fancy, I just mean that is nice to find a nice image, illustration or simply well organized info and maybe some nice and elegant icons. So based in all that, today we decided to gather a list showing a few examples of footers in web design. And I have to say that this time around – we already showed footers here twice: nov/2010 and dec/2009 – it was harder to find interesting examples to show. Guess footers are being forgotten lately, what do you think?


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33 New Illustration-Themed Website Designs

Illustration is defined as a displayed visualization form presented as a drawing, painting, photograph or other work of art that is created to elucidate or dictate sensual information. It is one of those form of art that has been commonly used by designers for their artwork. Unsurprisingly, illustrations have been used by web designers as themes for their web designs as well. see, with illustrations, your young self is brought out and is used in varied and unique ways.


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40 Highly Creative Headers

Good header design requires both creativity and consistency with a website’s overall theme. A great header captures and holds the attention of visitors, and hopefully even lingers in their mind long after they have left the site.

Here are over 40 beautiful and creative headers that do just that. Some stimulate emotions and aggressively capture attention; others are more simple and elegant. There are many different header styles in this showcase. We hope you see something you like and get inspired to try something new!


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25 Fresh Designer Portfolio Websites

A designer’s portfolio website is absolutely essential in attracting new clients. There’s no better place to showcase your skills, past work, and technique for potential customers to peruse prior to making a commitment. Showcasing your work needs to be a professional, clean, and simple process that is wrapped in the perfect design itself. I’ve gathered 25 great web and graphic designer portfolio websites. These represent some of the best design portfolio sites on the web. Take a glance and let me know your favorites. (And sorry for the self promotion but I’ve started this list with my very own portfolio site).


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30 Trendy Contact Form Designs

Contact page designs become a new trend in web designing that has a Creative Contact Page like the home page design. The results we can see many websites with beautiful contact page or form now. It’s very useful for visitors as they can share their ideas, ask quotations, to give feedback. It’s an easy way to get in touch with you or not. Today, we have listed of 30 Trendy Contact Page Designs Inspire you to design a trendy contact Page design.


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25 Inspiring Login Forms from Dribbble

Someone has called Dribbble “A twitter for creatives.” Dribbble is a design community in which designers, developers and other creatives share shots—small screenshots of the designs and applications they are working on. These shots are actually small screenshots (400×300 pixels max) from designers to show what they are working on.

In this post we have collected the 25 inspiring and pixel perfect login form designs from the dribbble, these dribbble shots contain some of the inspiring and creative login forms designed by some awesome designers. And we are not done yet with this collection from dribbble, we have more posts are in pipeline and will be published later.


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70 Examples Of Modern Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web design is one of the important topics in Web design and Web development. Today it has become very urgent to make sites that match the monitor resolutions of the various users’ devices. That’s why when creating a web site one should take into account the specifications of tablets, smartphones, and netbooks. Currently, responsive web design is achieved by using fluid widths in percentages and ems, using scalable images and adjustable layouts depending on the browser size. We’ve already showcased some useful and interesting materials dedicated to this subject and now we would like to share with our readers the 70 Examples Of Modern Responsive Web Design.


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Ribbons in Web Design: A Showcase

Ribbons have become a recurring trend in web design. Although this trend probably won’t die for a while, I think it’s more obvious to designers than normal internet users that the trend is becoming more wide-spread. Simply searching “ribbon” on Dribbble brings up 840 results! In the following compilation, I collected some of the best examples of ribbons in design:


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36 Cool Retro Websites For Inspiration

Retro is a culturally outdated or aged style, trend, mode, or fashion, from the overall postmodern past, that has since that time become functionally or superficially the norm once again. Retro style is very popular in today’s digital world. So in this post we have 36 cool retro web designs.


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40 of the Best Ecommerce Website Designs

Are you working on ecommerce website as web designer and looking for inspirational post for idea and inspiration? Of course, we’ve done the research for you, and in this post we present 40 of the best e-commerce website designs for you. Enjoy!


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30 Outstanding Travel Websites

Websites from the travel industry often use excellent photography and attractive designs. Of course, having an appealing website helps for making the subject of the site as attractive as possible to people who may be interested in visiting. In this post we’ll showcase 30 sites from the travel industry to serve as design inspiration.


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