300 Best iPhone Wallpapers

Nobody can dispute that the iPhone has created a buzz around the world like few other technologies before it. It’s beauty, sleek design, and large screen are essential to a user-experience like no other. But while the iPhone is beautiful right out of the box, most of us still want to add our own personal touches in order to really make it our own. The most common customization on the iPhone, and the most quickly changed right off the bat, is the lockscreen wallpaper. The fact that we see the wallpaper of our phones before we do anything else gives us the desire to put something on there that will please us on first glance… something we won’t mind seeing many many times. Then there are some that cannot have the same wallpaper for even a single day, constantly changing it up to give their phone a slightly different feel. If you are either of these types, we have a gift for you!

10 Most Incredible Optical Illusion iPhone Wallpapers


Spare some thought for the humble iPhone wallpaper. Whilst you’re off exploring the boundless world of apps, finding tools that can teach you how to cook, analyze your dreams and get you elected as Pope, your wallpaper stays still and true – the face of your phone. The thing is, we can all get a little jaded looking at the same image over and over again. So, why not add some spark to the relationship between man and machine with some eye-bending designs? These don’t involve any fancy animation; they just utilize simple tricks that invade the brain and befuddle the senses. With these incredible optical illusion wallpapers, you’ll be staring transfixed, astonished and possibly drooling: the true face of the iPhone fanatic.

100 (Really) Beautiful iPhone Wallpapers

best iphone wallpaper

Few products have generated the kind of hype that the iPhone has. Its beautiful design and large multi-touch screen are irresistible. Although its interface is beautifully designed, some of us want to put a little something extra in it to suit our style, personality and profession and to further beautify this magical masterpiece.

50 Illustrated Desktop, iPad and iPhone Wallpapers


The wallpapers have been illustrated in different ways including hand drawn, or hand drawn and then rendered in design software, created wholly in design software and a mixture of photography and illustration.

40 High quality iPhone wallpapers


Now i want to share with you guys some iPhone wallpapers not just for iPhone users but for design inspiration also because these are great examples of good designing. So enjoy the wallpapers!

90 Awesome iPhone Wallpapers from Poolga


If you’re not already familiar with Poolga prepare to spend at least a half hour checking out the multitude of iPhone and iPad wallpapers that they feature from incredibly talented illustrators and designers.

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