60 Best Template Designs For Admin Dashboard

To be more precise, a dashboard is a graphical, real-time representation of a report. People have always had their data shown in a meaningful, only it has been on paper. Having your business on the web requires you see the back process in a dashboard. To make your process easier, In this post we have put together a list of 60 best template designs for admin dashboard for you to choose from.

Elite Admin

It has a huge collection of reusable UI components and integrated with latest jQuery plugins. It can be used for all type of Web applications like custom admin panel, app backend, CMS or CRM.

Elite Admin - The Ultimate Multipurpose Admin Template


It comes with a lot of ready to use components ideal for building your web application, CMS, CRM, admin panel, eCommerce dashboard, or any other type of application backend. StartUI coded highly responsive for your mobile phone & tablets. Completely modular with many unique features, it will help you build your next awesome product.

 StartUI - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template


Metronic has a huge collection of plugins and UI components and works seamlessly on all major web browsers, tablets and phones.

Metronic - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template


Limitless is a powerful and super flexible tool, which suits best for any kind of web application. Includes 1 main and 3 alternative layouts, 1000+ commented HTML pages, 1000+ components with different features and options, 100+ plugins and extensions etc.

Limitless - Responsive Web Application Kit


Constellation is a powerfull admin skin for building advanced backends, both for desktop and mobile users. It provides a wide range of styles from data visualization to lists and calendars, all fluid and nestable. This skin is build on HTML5 and CSS3, and is powered by jQuery for maximum user experience.

Constellation complete admin skin


This is a professional template with a beautiful and user friendly interface. With various smart and intuitive jQuery functions, navigating the interface is a breeze. The template utilizes very few plugin scripts (most functions are hand coded) so the code is very lightweight and easy to manage/modify. Note The CSS has a couple of invalid properties to make the design prettier: border-radius (currently not available in IE) and opacity. These properties are kept in a separate CSS-file, so it’s very easy to make the CSS completely valid if you want to.

Simpla Admin - Flexible & User Friendly Admin skin


Building a web app for desktop and mobile devices? Developr is for you. Write your code once, and let it handle the magic of responsive webdesign. Developr Admin skin is a flexible responsive HTML5/CSS3 template, built on the mobile-first principle and based on the solid fundations of HTML5 Boilerplate and 320andUp, which provides a rich set of styles and features for all your needs.

Developr - Fully Responsive Admin Skin


New premium admin skin with lots of custom elements, 35+ plugins and very flexible content structure. It has 3 columns liquid structure with 3 level navigation and 2 level sidebar.

Aquincum - Premium Responsive Admin Template


It provides an easy to use modern and flat user interface design and a fully responsive layout that is compatible with handheld devices such as phones and tablets.

Bracket Responsive Bootstrap 3 Admin Template


Make is a flat and responsive admin template for multi-usage built with Bootstrap 3. There are a lot of useful components, well organized and structured properly.

Make - Admin Template & Builder - HTML & AngularJS


Stylish admin panel template, ready to be implemented as the back-end interface of your application. The template uses smart jQuery scripts and effects, which degrades perfectly.

Adminus - Beautiful admin panel interface


Beautifully coded fully featured admin panel theme ready to be implemented in the back end of your application, as an intranet theme, or your next web application! The theme is lightweight and responsive powered by the latest Bootstrap 3 framework. It comes with a UX-friendly clean and intuitive design that gets out of your way in favour of substance.

Avant - Clean and Responsive Bootstrap 3.3.2 Admin


Template is fully responsive and retina ready which means it is compatible with mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. In downloaded package you will find .less files, documentation, clean and commented source code.

Atlant - Bootstrap Admin Template


It could be useful for any type of web application, custom administration panels, any backend system etc. With integrated charts and statistics stuff, Crown will be very useful for developers who build their own graphs and charts, the design is ready to go! Template has a full set of form and interface elements, wizards, tables, custom widgets and other stuff.

Crown - Premium Responsive Admin Theme


Complete backend administration user interface that has the flexibility to house any kind of application. It loads last, it’s intuitive and easy to use, it uses only three small images and it also looks good.Admintasia’s layout is very customizable. With the help of my helper CSS classes you can, for example divide the main content area into one big box and two small ones, or three smaller one, or two big ones.

Admintasia-Powerful backend admin user interface


Pastel is a unique, feature packed Dashboard with an intuitive and stunning interface.

Pastel Dashboard — Admin Template + iPhone web app


This is an easily customizable, feature packed html5+css3 web application template. iPhone-like autosearching contacts list widget. Makes creating contact lists easy with this plugin. Mac OSX like growl notifications. The growl notifications provides unobstrusive user information iPhone-like drilldown menu. This menu emulates the iphone drilldown menu feature and works all the way down to ipad, iphone and ipod iPad style popover widget. With this widget you can put anything from forms to list items and menus Ajax powered search. Can be used as a google search plugin, or you can create your own search query.

vPad - HTML5+CSS3 App Framework


This professional looking and highly flourished skin is suitable for almost any kind purpose. Cleanity is a compilation of all features you might need on an administration theme.

Cleanity Complete Admin / CMS Skin

Profi Admin

Profi Admin is a clean and simple style template but it’s complexity and expandability goes beyond expectations. The big visual menu creates the intuitive navigation while the tabbed and the hidden submenu expands the structure to 3 menu levels.

Profi Admin - Administration for the professionals


Grape is a professional and very flexible admin template for huge and small backend solutions. It includes custom plugins, forms, validations, charts, tables, notifications and much more.

Grape – Professional & Flexible Admin Template


Admin Template based on Angular JS with Bootstrap 3.If you are looking for a perfect combination of plugins and modules, then look no further.

Materialism - Angular Bootstrap Admin Template


AngularJS admin dashboard template specifically designed for developers and conceived to offer you unlimited resources for any project, from a management system, to a backend, a CMS, a CRM or simply a welcome page. Packet is available in 6 different layouts, with 30 default colour schemes. Also, thanks to its unique structure, you can easily combine all the elements according to your needs.

Packet - AngularJS And HTML Web App


Slick and responsive Admin Template, comes with all features you can imagine – and even those you can’t imagine. It is build with modern techniques like HTML5 and CSS3 to be used for backend solutions of any size. It has custom elements, 30+ plugins, 15+ custom plugins and a very flexible content structure.

Mango – Slick & Responsive Admin Template


Modern, forward-looking web application framework built with AngularJS and LESS. The theme is beautifully coded and fully featured, ready to be implemented in the admin end of your web application, or as an intranet theme. It’s also perfect for your next Rich Internet Application. Forza is at the cutting-edge of modern web development.

Forza - Full-featured Admin App with AngularJS


Streamlined is an admin template for Contact Management and CRM applications. It includes element styles for buttons, tabs, tooltips, progress bar, and others. If you are creating an hr application, CRM, or a contact/task manager, this is the perfect template to use.

Streamlined - Content Management/CRM Template


Coco responsive admin template is designed using bootstrap to work with all devices with most possible compatibility. It can adapt and work in ipad, iphone, android phones, macbooks, PCs and many other devices.

Coco - Responsive Bootstrap Admin and Frontend Template


Clean and smooth admin template for huge and small backend solutions. It includes custom plugins, forms, validations, charts, tables, notifications and much more.

Peach – Clean & Smooth Admin Template


Admin template with many features, plugins and custom elements that you can use fo your backend projects. This template is very useful for any type of application whether for desktop or mobile devices. It includes one of the very useful interfaces likechat, wizard form, sliders, tables, etc.

Starlight Reponsive Admin Template


It is a flexible Twitter Bootstrap HTML5 template for backend, user interface or administration, both for desktop and mobile users.

Boo Admin - Responsive Template


Another cool features from this template is it use TinyMCE Editor that is most popular wysiwyg editor in the internet right now. The editor converted into a sleek style.One of the addon page of this template is the photo/video sharing page. This could be a screenshotsor photos of what’s going on or a video tutorial.

Amanda Responsive Admin Template

Metro Lab

Here user will get real metro view. We tried to decorate all pages with metro concept. Metro Lab is a responsive admin dashboard template built with Twitter Bootstrap Framework and it has a huge collection of reusable UI components and integrated with jQuery plugins.

Metro Lab - Responsive Metro Dashboard Template


It is built on top of the popular Bootstrap 3 Framework and features a clean, fresh and colorful flat user interface with strong code structure underneath.

FLATY - Responsive Admin Template

Smooth Admin

It is a user friendly administration panel that comes in 6 premade color schemes which include blue, green, brown, purple, red and a greyish light blue.

Smooth Admin


Attractive, clean and modern administration interface. Its fluid and adaptive layout enables Adminity to be viewed on screens as narrow as 320px, and its intuitive user interface makes navigating through it a piece of cake. Adminity’s core functionality code is written by hand and is included in the global.js file.

Adminity - Premium Admin Interface


Pannonia is a fully responsive template, which means it is compatible with mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad, with ability to hide sidebar. 12 columns grid for main content and widgets makes the whole template very flexible for different type of data and content.

Pannonia - fully responsive admin template


This is a responsive template built with Twitter Bootstrap for backend panels, suitable for cms systems, web apps and other control/billing/hosting panels.

Amsterdam - Premium Responsive Admin Template


Londinium template uses CSS3 animation for almost all existing components and elements, such as links, buttons, dropdowns, tooltips, popovers, charts etc.

Londinium - responsive bootstrap 3 admin template

Chameleon Circuit

It is a beautifully coded full featured admin panel theme ready to be implemented in the back end of your application, or as an intranet theme! The theme, like its namesake, can change colors into anything you want, so instead of a specific number of skins, you have an unlimited variation!

Chameleon Circuit - Full Featured Admin Theme


This is an application framework with all the necessary features and tools you would need to build an admin panel or a software-as-a-service app. It comes with an html template version, so you can use it with other frameworks, and a zend framework ready version. This really is one of the best admin themes.

vPanel - Application Framework


This is a html5 template designed for web application and admin user interface. This template comes with 8 different colors/skins.

Adminique - Admin Template


Katniss Responsive Admin Template is a unique animated admin template using css3 with many features, plugins and custom elements that you can use fo your backend projects. This template has 3 different skins hat you can change anytime you want. This template also very useful for any type of application.

Katniss Premium Admin Template


eziCMS is an fresh and easy going admin skin, which comes with a lot of cool features, like html5 & css3 enhancements, tweets, jQuery & jQuery UI(both the newest), animations, WYSIWYG editor, lightbox with 5 styles and lots more.

eziCMS an Almost Complete Fresh CMS Skin


This is a stunning real world admin template that comes with 6 beautiful themes and is ready to go.Each theme comes with it’s own login page and the theme has been handcrafted and put together with the 960 grid system which means that you can have almost endless layouts based on your own needs. Primarily designed as a back-end admin application, it’s also versatile enough to be used for your front-end applications.

Reality Admin

Admin Lab

It has a huge collection of reusable UI components and integrated with jQuery plugins.

Admin Lab - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Admin Control Panel Pro

This professional admin interface has been designed with not just style but also functionality in mind. Modern design coupled with jQuery powered features makes this admin template a winner. Well documented semantic code that’s w3c standards compliant makes editing an absolute breeze.

Admin Control Panel Pro - Simple & Professional


Muse is a beautifully coded full featured admin panel theme ready to be implemented in the back end of your application, or as an intranet theme!What sets this theme apart is the fact that it doesn’t come with presets, rather gives you the ability to choose any color combination you want, making it truly, an unlimited color theme!

Muse- Professional, Responsive, Unlimited Colors


This is a stylish, modern admin panel template, perfect for the back-end interface of your application. The layout is responsive and liquid, so it fits in desktop and mobile browsers.The template is coded with HTML5, styled with CSS3 and enhanced with jQuery. Everything degrades gracefully, so it works well in older browsers too.

Adminium - Modern Admin Panel Interface


Ready to be implemented as the back-end interface of your application and projects.

Great Admin theme


Tired and bored by all of the basic admin skins here, well there is a solution and it’s called FreshCMS. Amaze your clients with this CMS skin!

FreshCMS an almost complete CMS skin


Profesional, super clean HTML5/CSS3 backend template based on Twitter Bootstrap 3 Framework, it’s easily customisable, cross-browser compatible and works great on mobile devices.

Ebro - Super Clean Responsive Admin Template


Simplpan is a very stylish admin panel template thats ready to be implemented as backend interface for your application. It fits perfectly for CMS systems, but can be used for anything!

Simplpan Admin Panel Template


Evolution admin is an advanced admin theme suitable for web applications, prototyping and backend interfaces. It comes with five different colors, working tabs, accordion, lightbox, expose and a lot of other stuff that will help your interface standout, become more usable and flexible.

Evolution - Advanced Admin Theme


It includes all the necessary styling for a content management system such as scrollable media, pricing tables and progress bar. Purely handcrafted in html5 and CSS3, the gradients can be easily modified to your preference through css.

XtremeAdmin - Complete Admin Template

Visual Admin

Stylish template designed for both front end and back end projects. It comes with a seperate login page, and being designed with the 960 grid system if offers endless layout options.

Visual Admin


Utopia, the premium responsive admin template comes packed with a massive set of features including 30+ beautifully crafted UI elements ranging from charts to gauges, knobs to masked inputs and what not. This theme comes with three themes white and dark which will suit your need in different situations.

Utopia Responsive Admin Template


Simple admin panel built on top of powerful twitter bootstrap framework and provides a neat responsive layout with a great collection of useful UI elements. Bolt includes FontAwesome and Google Plus icon library in multi color format.

Bolt - Responsive Premium Admin Template


Phoenix is a responsive admin template, built with SASS and COMPASS and it´s based on Twitters Bootstrap framework. It has many features and is very easy to customize with the help of SASS.

Phoenix - Responsive Admin Template


The DreamAdmin is a nice clean template that can be used for any back-end interface. The template comes with a various of great jQuery plugins and 5 colors to choose from.



Apple inspired admin template for huge and small backend solutions. It includes custom plugins, forms, validations, charts, tables, notifications and much more.

Esthetics Admin-Clean Admin Template


Fully responsive admin template, based on Bootstrap3 Framework. This template is very powerful, clean and fast, easy to customize and use.

Gemini - Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

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