10 Free Adobe Dreamweaver Extensions For Designer & Developer

If you use Dreamweaver for web development or web design then Dreamweaver extensions are very helpful tools. Dreamweaver extensions allow you to add new features and capabilities to Dreamweaver. Extensions extend Dreamweaver’s abilities and makes it easier to implement what might seem like complex pieces of code. So here are 10 Free Adobe Dreamweaver Extensions For Designer & Developer.


PalettePicker gives you instant access to thousands of professional color schemes that you can use for coordinating the design of your website.


Payment Buttons for PayPal

Quickly and easily add eCommerce functionality to your Dreamweaver websites with Payment Buttons for PayPal.


Ken Burns Slideshow

This will add an iPhoto-like Ken Burns slideshow to the document.


jQuery API for Dreamweaver

Reduce tons of typing. If you are into jQuery and use Dreamweaver then you really need this extension. Let us save you tons of time by reducing keystrokes with our jQuery API extension for Dreamweaver which provides code coloring, Snippets, and code hints that list every jQuery and jQuery UI function for you.


PHP Coding tools for Dreamweaver

The PHP Code extension for Dreamweaver helps to SPEED UP code writing in two ways: 1. it inserts the chosen control structure (if statement, etc.); 2. it inserts the PHP variable chosen in the list of all variables found in the current document.


lightbox gallery

This widget creates a sample lightbox gallery. It adds by default 5 sample thumbs linked to their original images You just need to replace the thumbs and their linked images and add a description for each one using the title attribute Also, you can edit the sample_lightbox_gallery.css file to change the look and feel of the gallery.


960 Grid System (free extension)

With the 960 Grid System Dreamweaver Extension you can quick and easy add a 960 CSS Grid for most flexible web site design! Just add as many rows and cells as you need for your header, content, sidebars or footer. The extension gives you the tools to add new CSS Grid Cells, increase or decrease their size, split or join cells and much more with just a single action click. All the counting of grid cell sizes and placement, that is needed for the 960 Grid System is done automatically for you!


Lorem and More…

Lorem and more offers you the choice of traditional Lorem ipsum, a bit of genuine Cicero, random corporate nonsense, and for romantics — Sonnet 116 by Shakespeare. It also offers a choice of format — paragraphs, continuous text, ordered and unordered lists, and in the case of Shakespeare, formally laid out as a sonnnet. Thanks to Al Sparber of Project Seven for suggestions to improve this little bit of nonsense.


Konductor Extension for Dreamweaver

The Konductor extension for Dreamweaver allows you to easily add content management to any website you have created, without having to modify your code or design.


EasyRotator – Free jQuery Rotator / Slider Builder

EasyRotator allows you to build impressive jQuery rotators / sliders for your webpages in minutes. The free program comes as both a standalone application and Dreamweaver extension. Choose photos and set links, select a layout, make customizations, and all necessary code is automatically added to your page.


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