50 Best Adobe After Effects Templates

Today we’re showcasing some of the best files from videohive , so without further ado, here are our selection of the Best Adobe After Effects Templates on offer!

Motion Profile

Romeo & Juliet

Top Of The Town

Light Scribble Intro

Light scribe your logo, text message in this modern, elegant, and classy opener/closer.

Light Scribble Intro

Social Media Network Animation

This is a customizable social media animation called “Get Social”. It uses a clean, stylized web to connect all types of social media icons, allowing you to show your viewers how to find you online.
The animation includes 100 social media and communication icons that you can easily update along with your URLs for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. The color and text are all easily customizable and well documented.

Social Media Network Animation_5



Words Reveal

Words Reveal features 30 adjectives to describe your company or personal attributes with a logo reveal at the end.

Words Reveal_7

Shooting Logo

Intro for your logo, all you need is just insert your logo. You can use any texture, metal or a wall, or the one you want. Textures used in the project as well as music can be downloaded on the links in ReadMe.txt
The project is very easy to use. Sound effects are included in the archive.

Shooting Logo_8

Ink & Paper

Ink & Paper_9

R&J Trailer

R&J Trailer_10

High School Football

This is a CS4 project file that captures all the dirt and energy of the sports field. This is a great resource for broadcast sports packages focused on football or soccer. Included are the fully editable project files, as well as many pre-rendered elements and ready-to-go compositions. Grass and mud will fly!

High School Football_11

Purple Party

Purple Party_12

AE CS3 – Corporate Business Template

AE CS3 - Corporate Business Template_13


Create simple and elegant infographics with InfoCharts!Choose from Line Graph, Bar Graph, Concentric Circle Graph, World Map, and Segmented Pie Chart to render out separately or render what you see in the preview.


Action Sports

“Action Sports” is created in After Effects CS3 . The project is created to be really easy customized. Insert text, change fonts, videos or images. Footages are not included. 5 Places for your videos, and over 10 for your text. The flares comes from Videocopilot’s Optical flares but I included the pre-rendered version in the file so YOU DON ’T NEED ANY PLUGINS . (CYCORE EFFECTS which comes with your After Effects are required)

Action Sports_15


Some statements are so profound, they deserve a big screen presentation. Companies are defined by slogans, make yours impressive with this template. Make your quotes, texts, opinions, slogans, and trademarks unforgettable!


Pad Commercial

Pad Commercial_17

AE CS3 – Elegant Business Template

AE CS3 - Elegant Business Template_18

Logo Strings & Particles Animation

Here’s a Logo opening animation built in After Effects CS3 but also CS4 compatible. This is good for any intro video or identity logo animation. This project has pre-rendered knoll light factory and trapcode particular 2.0 plug-ins, so you can still open the file without plug-ins.

Logo Strings & Particles Animation_19

Movie Intro

Movie Intro_20


ReversaL is great opener for trailer promos, video productions, presentations, product showcases, portfolios and more.


FireString Logo

FireString Logo_22

Inkman presents Xmas & New year’s Greetings (AE)

Inkman stick figure is back, presenting your wishes & greetings for joyful Christmas holidays & happy New year. Use this project as Xmas intro, filler for tv-show or just as an e-mail card! Insert your own text, and present it uniquely!

Inkman presents Xmas & New years Greetings_23

Velvet Grunge

Velvet Grunge_24


Great for your website or business presentation at your office. It can be easily translated to fit any other type of promo. Neat design and sophisticated moves make it the best marketing tool for company.


Tablet Commercial

For anyone who purchased Tablet Commercial before June 14, This update is free of charge. Please re-download the project file by going to your profile page and clicking the Downloads tab.

Tablet Commercial_26

Slide Showcase

Slide Showcase_27

4G Phone Advertisement

This project file is great for advertising your apps, preview your portfolio in an interesting new way, your videos and much more.

4G Phone Advertisement_28

Glide – AE CS3 Project

Well over a minute of classy, serene, reflected animation of your images, videos, messages and logos – with a 3D camera ‘follow and fly-by’ at the end.

Glide - AE CS3 Project_29

AE CS3 – White Corporate Showcase

AE CS3 - White Corporate Showcase_30



Good Feelings

Good Feelings_32



Fashion Promo

“Fashion Promo” is created in After Effects CS3 in (1280?720).The project is very easy to be customized. Insert text, change fonts, videos or images.7 Places for your videos, and over 10 for your text. The flares comes from Videocopilot’s Optical flares but I included the pre-rendered version in the file so YOU DON ’T NEED ANY PLUGINS . Video Tutorial is included The music in the preview is NOT included.

Fashion Promo_34

3D magazine mock-up bundle

3D magazine mock-up bundle_35

Dual Reality

The project is created to be really easy customized. The flares and particles comes from Videocopilot’s Optical flares and Trapcode Particular but I included the pre-rendered version in the file so YOU DON ’T NEED ANY PLUGINS . Audio is NOT included but feel free to mail me for more information.

Dual Reality_36

Wedding Particles Words

Wedding Particles Words CS4 project file can be used for a movie wedding intro, or simply to display your pictures and video if you re photographer or videographer.This is a CS4 file and can be open with CS5 too.4 color project, as you will see at the end of the video preview The file use your medias as particles, element are in 3D space, control for lights and reflections property the are on the main timeline. Basic PDF help show how to replace media, video help will go through the steps for add more images, and titles.No third Party plugins, Cycore FX required. Images, and sound are NOT included in the file. Full HD, 1920×1080,24 fps,2.42 min,10 place holder

Wedding Particles Words_37


Looking for an interesting place for your logo or text, images or video? You can use this project for any purpose. The project includes prerendered animation robotic Pano with alpha channel. You can use background that comes with the project or use any of yours. You can use any length for your video. There is a detailed video lesson, where you can see how to do it.


Photo Plans

Photo Plans_39

3D Laptop animation bundle

3D Laptop animation bundle_40

Soul Surfer

Main Futures: -CS4, CS5 compatible – Full HD resolution 1080p – 90 videoholders – 7 textholders – two project name holders and one additional info holder – No additional plugin needed “Soul Surfer” is created entirely in After Effects CS4 . I tried to create reflection of complex 3D environment entirely in AE. The project is created to be really easy customized. It contains separate videoholder for every visible video place in this project (thats more than 90 unique videoholders)The flares and particles comes from Videocopilot’s Optical flares and Trapcode Form and Horizon but I included the pre-rendered version in the file so YOU DON ’T NEED ANY PLUGINS . Audio is NOT included but feel free to mail me for more information. RECOMMENDED CONFIGURATION : quad processor, 8GB RAM .Render time with recommended configuration approximately 10 hours. Please check my other files in my portfolio and follow me on VideoHive. Additional info about all of our project along with tutorial section about easy customization of purchased project you can find on creativelab.rs.

Soul Surfer_41

Pages – AE CS3 Project

Well over a minute of must-have animation of your images, videos, messages and logos in the style of a ‘3D’ magazine, book or album.

Pages - AE CS3 Project_42




“Web Pages” is clean web showcase Animation made in After Effects CS4 in HD(1920×1080). This Project has pre-rendered VideoCopilot-Optical Flares layers. So,you don’t need these plug in. However I have included the another project like a separate file that uses the VideoCopilot-Optical Flares layers just in case you have this plug in and want to change something. Compositons very easily customized , insert text, change fonts, sizes,colors. 22 Placeholders for media, photos and videos. Place for your logo in First Logo Comp and Last Logo Comp. Videotutorial with voice is Included. 1 minute and 17 seconds long.


MultiScreen Studio

Hi Friends, This is my latest AE project which is for people need animations with multiple screens. No plugins are needed (Though CC Plugins are needed which are included in AE). It is having lots of video/photo placeholders and text placeholders. Its very simple and easy to customize also. Two resolutions included Full HD 1080p and native 720p.

MultiScreen Studio_45

The Slideshow

This slide show is perfect for a number of your image and video presentation videos. Use it for family photos, business presentations, vacation gallery, photo albums, slideshow, photography portfolio or any other use you can think of.

The Slideshow_46


Hello boys and girls! I’m back at last, bot not alone 🙂 I’m here to present my brand new project called “Cubism”.


mysite.com CS4 Project file

mysite.com is an After Effects CS4 animation displaying still images or movie from your web page or some corporate event or presentation.Capture some screen shot of you site,modify them if needed, and replace the existing images/video.Note that you can just add simple images,movie or text.The main comp is composed of 6 scenes, and the project is easily customizable.Images from different scene are included in they own folder in the project panel.You can change them directly in the folder, and the software will pick up the new items.The Project is 1.20. sec long, 30 fps.A scene per scene help docs in html format is included.A short video on some work flow tips during the customization is included.

mysite.com CS4 Project file_48

Wedding ScrapBook

This Wedding Slide Show is entirely made in after effects and use his standard tools.The media size is 900×506, BTW in the preview i used 640×360 images and footage scaled up with a 15 value of sharpen.So if for some reason you need to scale up the images, remember that the subtle texture applied to the media will help to sell the picture.The main comp is 1920×1080, 24 fps.All elements can be changed,time can be modified too. The zip file do not include the images.A pdf introduction on the customization is included. A Black and White project are included using the same media. I hope you will find this file helpful for you wedding video intro.

Wedding ScrapBook_49



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