30 Best Flash Portfolio Website Templates

Using flash portfolio templates are a great way to showcase what you’ve done and how you did it. Besides, as Internet have no boundaries, the geographical barriers are avoided, being your work accessible world wide. Your Flash Portfolio should be one of your best works. Every single detail can count on whether a customer will contact you or not. So here are 30 Best Flash Portfolio Website Templates to showcase your outstanding work !

Full XML Website V3

Full XML Website V3 is an application that enables anyone to create a flash website without much knowledge of flash programming. Coming from V2 we brought to this version amazing features including the possibility to add new modules/SWF files.


XML Portfolio Template V3

XML Portfolio Template v3 is a full Flash website completely managed by XML files that use modules to control content. You can easily use this project to make many different kinds of websites with small amounts of customization. Adding and changing your content is super easy.


Advanced XML Website

One of the great features this template offers is Dynamic Backgrounds. With it, You can easily add your own backgrounds by saving them to a specific folder and adding each JPEG path in an XML file. Single or multiple backgrounds can be loaded. You can also define the delay in seconds between each background in the backgrounds XML file.


Q Creative – xml website template

The elegance of the Q will make any company or artist look beautiful on the web, while providing visitors with an engaging and dynamic experience.


Ultimate Creative Template

This template is designed from the ground up to be easy to update, customize and understand. Each section has its own external xml config file so you can access over 300 options without opening Flash!


Book v2

Features :

  • professional design
  • fast loading ( first loads the current page )
  • deep linking
  • you can load the any background (swf file,jpg ,png,flv …. etc – change in xml file )
  • smoothing for background
  • you can change page book size in xml file
  • you can add big photographs of two pages (no need to crop)
  • you can add unlimited pages in xml file
  • player mp3
  • you can mute mp3 player for the page
  • you can add unlimited mp3
  • nice animation icons,
  • you can disable / enable the numbers pages of globally or locally
  • and much more ..


AS2 XML Elegant Portfolio Template

Features :

  • Full deep linking support. Every section and every single content is linkable.
  • Back/Forward browser’s buttons support.
  • 2 levels xml driven menu.
  • All the menu and sub menus buttons can open both galleries and sections.
  • The template can start with any section or gallery just setting a value into the xml.
  • Automatic slideshow option for the galleries.
  • Photo scaling can be enabled/disabled by xml parameters.
  • Xml driven multi galleries resizable portfolio where you can load unlimited images and swf files.
  • Xml driven video gallery module where you can load unlimited videos.
  • Xml driven news module where you can load unlimited news.
  • Xml driven services slide module where you can list unlimited services.
  • and much more ..


Designer’s Portfolio

Designer’s Portfolio features a unique fullscreen xml website template with great motion, a clean design and deeplinking support. This template comes with over 65 predefined settings in config.xml, total freedom in the setup of your pages and a user manual counting 40 pages.


XML Clean White Portfolio Template

This template was designed with the idea in mind to produce something clean and simple, spiced up with powerful and vibrant images to get your idea across.


FoldR – XML drive page flip

This is a classic flip book based on the idea to create a more intuitive way of browsing PDF ’s and other content. It is fully dynamic and loads external pages in different formats.


Pro Xml v1 Template

The Pro Xml v1 Template is an AS3 full xml website solution that allows you to create and customize a simple portfolio website in short amount of time.


Design Studio Template 01 XML

Features :

  • Full browser display / site always centered on screen.
  • XML driven news articles.
  • XML driven featured projects.
  • XML driven staff member info / contact details.
  • XML driven photo gallery for staff/company photo’s.
  • XML driven company services section.
  • XML driven portfolio section
  • Simple quick contact form, no PHP required.
  • Images and music tracks are loaded in outside of the flash file so easy to replace with your own content.
  • With the XML files you can change number of items displayed, image paths, URL links, copy text etc easily without having to make changes to the flash
  • For the main banners you could also load in swfs which could be animated or play video instead of using static jpegs. Simply add the path to the swf in the XML file.
  • Flash MX 2004 & Flash 8 FLA versions included.


Slick Full Website Template with CMS and 2 Skins

Key Features :

  • 2 full skins included out of the box (white or black with different graphics)
  • Supports deep-linking (users can go straight to an inside page with a direct link, which allows bookmarking and easy internal linking, support for the back/forward buttons of the browser etc.)
  • Fully XML Driven, completely dynamic, you can choose to use the bundled CMS or manually edit the XML files like all the other templates
  • Modular design, you can choose which modules you wish to use
  • Google Analytics support, full support for tracking each page


Art Director’s Portfolio

This is a full XML driven website template which is designed to be used as an Art Director/Web Designer/Flash Designer’s portfolio site. It includes everything you need to get a nice portfolio site up and running – so if you don’t have the time or ActionScript skills to build your own site here is your solution. You don’t need Flash to make this portfolio your own – almost everything can be set and customized from a simple external XML file.


Dynamic flash pageflip template


  • Xml driven,easy add or delete pages.
  • Support swf and video
  • Full Page flip control
  • Content sound volume control
  • Easy add custom your link
  • easy change background and flip sound.
  • include fonts and sounds


Liquid Template w/ Deep Linking


  • Fully XML Driven, no need to ever get into Flash.
  • Each module can easily be duplicated in xml.
  • 2 Level menu with Deep linking.
  • In and Out animated transitions for each page, as well as 6 different transitions available for page content, you can choose content transitions yourself, or set it to random as in the preview.
  • Load any external swf whether they are self-centered or not.
  • Fullscreen enabled.
  • HTML /CSS formatted text content.
  • Each module can have its own background image set in xml. You can leave that parameter empty if you don’t want a specific image for a module.
  • All colors XML driven.
  • Menu supports external URLs.
  • Music support, set default volume and auto play in xml.


Creative Portfolio Template


  • add as many news/albums/images/videos/services as you want.
  • both images and videos in the same album without having to do something extra!
  • flash 8+9 versions included (FLA included)
  • all scrollbars have mousewheel support, also for mac!
  • keyboard left+right support for the services and portfolio
  • images resize so they fit on the screen when they are bigger than the screen
  • videos can go fullscreen and when you play a video the music player stops
  • nice envelop animation for the contact form (php). Try it your self by filling in the form, and pressing the send button.
  • only 34kb!
  • well documented!


Universal Full Template with Shop CMS and 2 Skins

This template has 677 unique XML settings, comes with 14 (that’s right, fourteen) amazing modules including full e-commerce capability (shop) and blog with comments, it’s bundled with two quite differently styled skins and most importantly you receive our amazing full Content Management System (CMS – aka Admin Panel) so managing your content will be a breeze !


ColourShift XML Website Template

This XML website template has been specifically designed to be easily customized with all content driven by XML which means you can update content and change layout, colours, text etc. without editing the FLA . The in-depth manual will guide you through the process of customizing this template with your own content. For those who wish to ‘tweak’ the flash, all FLA files are included and all code has been well commented.


Essential Portfolio

Essential Portfolio is an essential but complete portfolio. Very easy to customize this portfolio is the perfect solution for showing your works and videos. Few steps and your professional and unique portfolio will be on line. Seven modules will help you to adapt the portfolio to your needs.


Black & White Deeplinking Template

The Black & White template is a fullscreen xml Flash template with deeplinking. Deeplinking enables you to target specific sections of your website, send links via email or instant messenger, find specific content with the major search engines, Utilize browser history, reload buttons and bookmark in a browser.


Minimal Typo XML Portfolio Template

This template is mainly focused in CREATIVE PORTFOLIO SITES that needs large number of images, swf and videos to be shown at time in the screen. It has a clean and minimal style, which you can modify changing the color scheme, main background, texts, logo image, etc., all from the xml file. Fit perfectly for creative studios, photographers, arquitect portfolios… Also a full layered photoshop PSD file with all the design elements is included in the pack.


Velocity XML Deeplinking Template

Velocity is an XML Driven Flash Template with Deeplinking, geared towards the creative professional. Update all of your content via xml including, images, text, logo, footer, mp3 tracks, FLV Video, Youtube Video, Navigation color and so on. Modular, load all of your apps via xml. Set your intro app via xml, see the previews, it can be anything you want.


Elegant Photography Template

A simple and elegant template to showcase your portfolio.


john&jane xml template

JOHN & JANE ’S TEMPLATE is a XML driven template including 10 modules, to display, news, text, videos, images, swfs… .


Broadside XML Template – Deeplinking

This template is mainly focused in creative and corporate portfolio sites that needs a flexible structure to fit both corporate contents and visual display for galleries, images and videos. It has a clean and minimal style, which can be easily customizated (menu structure, all elements position, global size, color scheme, etc.), from the xml file. Also a full layered photoshop file with the design elements is included in the pack.


Chameleon Template

ChameleonTemplate is a template with sophisticated and elegant style, It has a special feature, It can change colors as a Chameleon. It allows to create a variety of contents. It can be used for multiple purposes and adapted to any need and It’s fully customizable.


Emotional Template

Emotional Template is an elegant solution to create minimal and amazing website. In few minutes you can create a fullscreen website with an high visual impact thanks to the fullscreen intro and 4 typologies of galleries.


Multi-Photo Gallery (xml based)

This is a XML driven Multi category Photo Gallery, with a nice ease left & right scroll effect.


XML Photography Template

This XML Photography Template has been specifically designed to be easily customized with all pages driven by XML which means you can update the pages without opening the FLA .


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