25 Amazing Digital Architecture Paintings

Painting has been done with pencils, water color, canvas, brushes etc. But now digital painters use Photoshop, illustrator, mouse and tablet to make paintings, graphic designer use tools of illustrator as brushes to paint the layout. So today we have collected 25 Amazing Digital Architecture Paintings for graphic design inspiration. Continue reading 25 Amazing Digital Architecture Paintings

40 Great Examples Of Parallax Scrolling Websites

Parallax scrolling has been used in computer games for years – it is the effect where the background remains static and the foreground scrolls vertically or horizontally, or vice versa – the foreground remains static and the background moves. This technique can also be applied in web design. In this post we have collected some of the best parallax scrolling websites for your perusal. Please visit each site to see the effect. Continue reading 40 Great Examples Of Parallax Scrolling Websites

95 Beautiful Poster Designs

Explaining more through just an image is interesting and effective way to get attention of viewers. There are lots of ways to do such thing but one known famous way in today’s world is called Poster. It’s really popular everywhere either you want to promote the movie or social cause. Just a single image with great idea behind it works really fast to get what you want. Continue reading 95 Beautiful Poster Designs

160 Awesome WordPress Web Designs

Popularity of WordPress is clear in its own way, however it becomes crystal clear when we see small businesses, professionals or even big corporations are giving preference to WordPress over other CMSes. WordPress as a CMS has evolved and is used to build beautiful and professional websites. Lets check out the following 160 websites that are powered by WordPress, BuddyPress, WordPress MU and aren’t used just as blog. Continue reading 160 Awesome WordPress Web Designs

40 Beautiful Examples Of Monochrome Photography

Monochrome photography is photography where the image produced has a single hue, rather than recording the colours of the object that was photographed. Monochrome photographs are timeless, especially black and white photographs. They enhance emotional substance and have a disposition of making photos look more artistic. When color photography came into the scene, it resulted in black and white photography falling out of favor. It just seemed so drab and dull beside the bursts of color that color photography represented. However, of late, people are beginning the discover again the intrinsic monochrome photography and the purity and power that monochrome pictures can have. Continue reading 40 Beautiful Examples Of Monochrome Photography

25 Creamy Coffee Art Designs

Latte Art or coffee art is the technique of drawing milk patterns on top of coffees. Coffee is no longer just a beverage, but a platform for artists to show their skill. Many coffee houses now have different designs that they make on coffees and lattes before serving them and customers spend some time discussing the designs – or art, if you will. Here are some awesome coffee art designs that you might have seen. Continue reading 25 Creamy Coffee Art Designs