30 Brilliant Examples Of Lightning Photography

Lightning photography is very tricky, requiring lots of patience and luck, but it can also be one of the most fun and rewarding subjects to shoot. Lightning is one of the hardest photographic subjects to shoot successfully. It’s great fun but you need a fair bit of luck to capture a well exposed, well composed scene filled with interesting lightning bolts. Below we present to you a collection of lightning photography shots that would really took your breath away. Continue reading 30 Brilliant Examples Of Lightning Photography

25 Clean & Elegant Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress is a printing method in which the ink is “pressed” into the paper resulting in ink transfer as well as the indentation left from the printing. What makes the process so unique for the purposes of letterpress business cards is the texture and style that letterpress printing allows. Business Cards on a letterpress creates such unique experience for those handling your card just as they receive it. Continue reading 25 Clean & Elegant Letterpress Business Cards

30 Amazing Wide Angle Photos

Simply put, a wide angle lens is one which has a wider angle of view than a normal lens. This allows you to fit more into the frame, or to get closer to your subject without chopping the edges off. Wide angle lenses are ideal for photographing expansive landscapes, cramped interiors, and subjects which wouldn’t fit into the field of view of a normal lens, such as a large building shot at relatively close range. More severe wide angles are used to give an artistic, dynamic edge to a shot, such as in extreme sports photography. Continue reading 30 Amazing Wide Angle Photos

50 Outstanding Skateboard Designs

Skateboarding has been in vogue for a very long period of time. Since the innovation of skateboard, it has been widely used throughout the world. Skateboarding is a very popular recreational sport and is practiced by many people. This is a little bit different inspirational selection from the ones you are used to seeing here! Kind of different art, but very cool and creative skateboard design solutions you will see here. It’s just amazing what you can put in such small and limited place in the meantime making it look good the way somebody would want to buy it. So check out these 50 outstanding skateboard designs ! Continue reading 50 Outstanding Skateboard Designs