20 Best InDesign Annual Report Templates

An annual report is an effective tool for analyzing the nature of the business. It is a useful approach for defining, outlining and clearly analyzing how the performance of the business for the last 12 months. Here are 20 best InDesign Annual Report Templates which you can download for your annual report project. They will help you save time in creating a professional corporate informant. Continue reading 20 Best InDesign Annual Report Templates

15 Amazing Annual Report Designs

Annual reports may not be the sexiest design project or the first thing people look forward to reading. In fact, ask most business owners and they’ll tell you that annual reports may be the most boring documents to ever land on their desk. Take a look at these amazing Annual Reports. These are the best of the best annual report designs…at least of what I could find. Feel free to comment on more annual reports that I might have missed. Enjoy. Continue reading 15 Amazing Annual Report Designs