25 Unique Wedding Invitation Card Template Designs 2017

Weddings are a time of great celebration and enjoyment. After all, two people are entering into a new phase of their lives together in the holy bond of matrimony. Of course, to make the event a really memorable one, you need to have the people you care about around you. For that, you need to invite them. Now, there is no reason why you should not make the invitations just as memorable as the wedding. So if you are looking for a template or premade kit that you can customize yourself, check out 25 Unique Wedding Invitation Card Template Designs 2017.

Vintage Passport

A unique way of inviting people to your destination wedding. Create your very own unique Passport Invitations!

Vintage Passport Wedding Invitation

Vintage Wedding Invitation & Save the Date

If you are planning a celebration filled with retro details, give your guests a glimpse of the theme with this invitation.

Vintage Wedding Invitation & Save the Date


It is the perfect way to set the scene for your woodland inspired wedding.

Rustic Wedding Pack


Hoping to add all kinds of romance to your wedding day? Look no further than floral wedding invitations. Whether you are planning an outdoor, garden-inspired wedding or simply love a good arrangement, floral wedding invitations are oh-so romantic and add an element of elegance to your wedding day.

Rustic Floral Wedding Invitations

Mini Card

Mini Wedding Invitation Card

Post Card

Wedding Invitation Post Card


Minimalist Invitation

Golden and Silver

Golden and Silver Wedding Invitations

Boarding Pass

This design will be particularly interesting if the wedding has been scheduled to take place in a different city or state. At first glance, these invitations look like boarding passes. However, a closer inspection can reveal them to be invitations or save the date cards.

Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation


Chalkboard Invitation

Flowery Love

Wedding Invitation Package - Flowery Love


If both the bride and groom love the movies, this can be a fantastic choice, especially in save the date cards. This design needs to be executed in a manner similar to the boarding pass invitation.

Wedding Invitation Ticket


Wedding Save The Date - Stitched

Simple Wedding Invitation Set

Simple Wedding Invitation Set

Tying the Knot Invitations

Wedding Tying the Knot Invitations

8 Bit

We are geeks. We love video games. Why not have a video game invite?

8 Bit Wedding Invitation Set


Wedding - Save the Date - Stamp


Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation & RSVP

Wedding Invitation & RSVP

Cruise Boarding Pass Invitation

Wedding Cruise Boarding Pass Invitation Template

7 Golden Foil Items

7 Golden Foil Items - Wedding Pack

Cardboard Boarding Pass Invitation

Cardboard Boarding Pass Invitation Template

Stripes Wedding Invitation – PSD Template

Stripes Wedding Invitation - PSD Template

Retro Bicycles Save The Date Card

Retro Bicycles Save The Date Card

Stash & Kiss

Stash & Kiss Wedding Stationery Invite Template

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