25 Cool Character Logo Design Templates

Logo with Character showcases the strongest in brand identities employing characters to capture people`s attention. So here are 25 Cool Character Logo Design Templates range from sleek and modern to playful and childlike and are sure to delight and inspire.

Super Geek

It is an illustrative logo template that suitable for online business, website, blog, media, club, school or anything related to computer and digital.

Super Geek Logo


The illustration is 100% vector AI and EPS You can change color, scale it up or down without image quality loss and tweak your heart out. All in Adobe CS version to cover maximum compatibility.

GoGamer - Customizable Logo

MMA Punch

It is an illustrative cartoon logo for MMA sports related business. It’s great for websites and the design is print friendly for all medias.

MMA Punch - Cartoon Logo

Chef Mascot

This logo very suitable for restaurant, burger, steak, gourmet, pizza, fast food logo.

Chef Mascot Logo


A unique and stylish astronaut logo that is professionally designed to stand out among the crowd. The logo represents simplicity and ambitions.

Progress Logo


Simple, clean and modern Kindergarten logo template. Simple to work with and highly customizable, it ca be easely adjusted to fit your needs. High quality fully layered and fully editable vector ai + EPS , easy to change colors and adjustable to any size.

kindergarten Logo

Sumo Studio

Sumo Studio Logo Template is An excellent logo template highly suitable for logo company, creative agency, Studio, Blog, Mascot, Asian, wrestling and sports related businesses.

Sumo Studio Logo Template

Handyman Expert

Creative human (mascot) logo for any handyman or other related businesses. The logo offers 4 different color and tools variations, but you can customize your own handyman version. Everything is done in a vector format so it can be used and scaled without loss of quality.

Handyman Expert Logo

Beauty Biz

A versatile logo for multiple purposes within the fields of beauty, fashion and jewelry.

Beauty Biz Logo Template

Pro Gamers

This is great for Guild or Clan Logo, even Programmers, Coders or Geek alike or anything that you can think of related to games.

Pro Gamers Logo


This logo is an illustrative and iconic logo design with the symbol of ninja. Suitable for any business and companies who want to represent the identity as a ninja character.

Ninja Logo

GeekyBuddy – Illustrative Mark for Your Tech Biz

The idea is to create a simple cartoon face of a male geek in strictly limited lines so the design is versatile and perfect for a logo. The mascot’s expression is fun and friendly, making it more appealing to viewers. The bold black outline guarantees the visibility of the illustrative mark against many different background colors.

GeekyBuddy - Illustrative Mark for Your Tech Biz

Little Knight logo

This is a mascot logo that can be used by apparel business, gaming team, clothing company, sports team, among many other use. The design is simple, flat color, and easy to use or customize.

Little Knight logo


Excellent logo, which is an image of a Zeus Thunderer. Suitable for any business and companies who want to represent the identity as a Zeus-Jupiter mascot.

Zeus Logo

The Guru

Provide in vector EPs and Ai file, resizable with editable text.

The Guru

Robot Tube – Digital TV Media

Logo is made with vectors for easy resizing and customizing – all texts can be rewritten even You can change the font or color.

Robot Tube - Digital TV Media


Powerful and engaging smartphone character Mr.Appr logo template.

Mr.Appr - Logo Template


Logo template suites for mobile application, design studio, graphic artist etc.

Megastone Logo Template

Geek Girl

Perfect for your girly and feminine company!

Geek Girl Logo

Bad Boy

Perfect for a single person, product or a startup business, great for IT companies, Tech Gurus, Bloggers, Gamer.

Bad Boy Logo

Robot Vector

Robot in logo design symbolize perfection and sophistication, and suitable for tech companies or the other startup.

Robot Vector Logo Template

Woman Geek

It is a designed for Any types of companies. It is made by simple shapes Although looks very professional. The final file includes 8 variations of the Logo.

Woman Geek Logo


Excellent logo, which is an image of a legendary hero. Suitable for any business and companies who want to represent the identity as a Hercules mascot.

Hercules Logo

Repairman & Plumber – Service & Maintenance

Awesome character logo design, represent the friendly repairman and plumber character.

Repairman & Plumber - Service & Maintenance Logo

Photo Baby

Everything is done in vector, so it his highly customizable and can be resized without loss of quality.

Photo Baby Logo

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