Photoshop & Illustrator Cover Book Design Tutorials

The cover of your book play an important role in your book sales. Good design is what guides buyers as they select the products they purchase. By using an effective title, striking graphics, or interesting color combinations, you can create an attractive cover which will help sell your book. Here are some great photoshop & illustrator cover book design tutorials for you.

How To Create a Retro Style Superman Book Cover

Follow this step by step Illustrator and Photoshop tutorial to create a retro style book cover featuring a stylized vector illustration of Superman. We’ll create the Superman illustration with simple vector shapes before laying out the complete retro style book cover with textures in Photoshop.


Create Character Driven Book Cover Art Using Illustrator and Photoshop

This illustration is a cover art for a fictitious novel called “Let’s Go To Monster School!”. It depicts a fun monster professor teaching insane science in a dingy classroom. We already created the basic image in Part 1. Now we’ll finish the artwork with textures and lots of brushwork using a pen tablet in this Part 2 of this series.


Designing a Comic Book Cover with No Illustration

As much as I’d like to be… I’m no illustrator. But often times, as a designer I’m tasked with creating a digital illustration. Lucky for me with the right reference and resources an illustration can be created without ever putting pencil to paper. In this tutorial we will explore the process behind my mock comic book cover for a book titled Tour.


Tutorial: How To Create An Ebook Cover With Photoshop

A lot of people have said to me that they would love to become their own ebook cover designer – but they don’t own Photoshop. It is quite an expensive piece of software, so for anyone looking to create amazing looking ebook covers – without Photoshop, consider this great product.


“Blameless”, or “How To Design A Cover in 1:55 seconds”

Over 6 hours of my onscreen compositing, retouching, color correction, type obsessing, all condensed down to a slim sexy one minute 55 seconds of cover design. Trust me, no one wants to watch it in real-time…and even then I left out the not-as-riveting-onscreen stages of my cover design process, such as reading the manuscript, sifting through Alexia photoshoot outtakes, background photo research, etc. And since this is a series look that has already been established for Soulless and Changeless, there weren’t the usual batches and rounds of versions of different designs that happen with standalone or first-in-a-new-series covers. That would be a weeklong video!


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