Best Photoshop & Illustrator T-Shirt Design Tutorials

This post features a collection of great tutorials on preparing your t-shirt designs for screen printing and how to seperate colors in photoshop and illustrator.

30 Outstanding T Shirt Design Tutorials and Tips

As defined, a t-shirt is a garment that is used to cover most of a person’s torso. It is considered to be a basic necessity that is vital to survival and everyday living. Notwithstanding it’s importance to the society, unique t-shirt designs are widely accepted and acknowledged. Designers everywhere are looking for new techniques and styles to create the perfect and unique design.


12 Best T-Shirt Design Tutorials and Tips

Some time back we published a roundup of Modish T-Shirt Design Templates and after getting a good response we thought of starting it from the scratch this time. Apparel industry looks towards designers to give them a manifestation of the final product. So we are here with some cool and some hot T Shirt Design Tutorials and Tips which will help you in mastering T-shirt designing.

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The Ultimate Round-Up Of T-Shirt Design Tutorials

Among all of the graphic designers in the world, many of them have probably had a go at designing some cool artwork for t-shirts. The t-shirt, after all, is one of the world’s most purchased products, and a lot of us wouldn’t know what to do without them!


25 Must Read T Shirt Tutorials

Today we are continuing t shirt week on with a roundup of some of the best t shirt tutorials on the web. If you are a designer looking to get into the t shirt design business, be sure to check out these tutorials! The t shirt tutorials below include printing tips, how to create custom stencils and how to mock up your t shirt designs. If you know of any other great tutorials please link them in the comments!


10 T-Shirt Design Tutorials On Separating Colors

For those that don’t have any experience with t-shirt design you might think that if your a designer you can just create something in photoshop and send it out to a printer, but its not that simple. There are a lot of guidelines and techniques involved in creating a good t-shirt design, if you want the best results then you should get to know them.

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20 Nice Tutorials for Designing T-Shirts

T-shirt designing is so widely used that numerous designers have found ways to produce quality designs for t-shirts. With the varying techniques implemented and executed, however, the quality of the t-shirt created also varies.


How to design a funny Monkey T-Shirt illustration

T-shirt design world is one of my favourite source of inspiration. Every time I walk in my city shopping streets, I spend most of the time observing appeal design and graphics. This is the classical obsession of the graphic designer: to see everywhere patterns and inspirational forms! On the web side, there are sites like DesignByHumans and Threadless that I regularly visit.


Design an Artistic Watercolor T-Shirt Design


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