10 Cool Typography Design Tutorials In Photoshop

It’s really important to know as many effects as possible so you can mix the styles, play with them and result something new, unique and eye-catching for your designs. So I collected some really cool typography design tutorials in Photoshop.

Create Animal Textured Typography

In this tutorial we are going to create fun, realistic, animal textured, 3D typography in Photoshop using CS5′s Repousse tool.


Design a Retro Postcard with 3D Text

Postcards from the past have an idealistic view of vacation spots they are trying to promote that you can’t seem to find anymore nowadays; perhaps because we no longer send post cards, but rather rely on email. In this graphic design tutorial, we are going to take a popular retro style of having text with different images within each letter and recreate it. We will use Illustrator and Photoshop in concert to come up with an awesome retro postcard.


Create a 3D Text Effect Using Photoshop Layer Styles

Photoshop layer styles are the first tool beginners learn to enhance text effects. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how powerful and flexible this tool is. We will go beyond the overused gradient overlay and 1px stroke effects. We will use patterns and some useful tricks to create a 3D text effect!


Create an Ice Cream Type Treatment in Photoshop

It’s funny to see how simple objects can inspire creative type treatments. In the past I’ve played with plates, paper and wood. Today I will show you how to realize an awesome text effect using ice cream! The process is simple enough for any level Photoshop lover. We will be dealing with illustration techniques, and will explore the power of layer styles applied to custom brushes. So… give it a try!


Old Decorated Metal Text Effect

This tutorial explains how to use Layer Styles to create a metal text effect, and then add a very nice decoration texture using only a couple of filters, without the need for brushes or texture images. After that, some adjustment layers will be added to give the final effect an aged look.


Colorful Retro Text Effect

This tutorial will show you how to use Photoshop brushes and layer styles to create an awesome colorful retro text effect.


Sweet red 3D love text effect

In this tutorial we will create a sweet red 3D text effect with brushes, transform tools, layer styles in easy steps without using any 3D programs.


Vintage 3D Typography in Photoshop with Repoussé

So in this tutorial I will show you how to create a super cool and very easy effect using Photohosp and the Repoussé tool. The whole process is quite simple, it’s less than 10 steps and won’t take you more than 30 minutes.


Create “Cool” Typography Using Paths in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to create some “cool” custom typography. Let’s get started!


How to Create a Splattery Groovy Typography in Photoshop

Now it’s time for some 3D Groovy Typography in Photoshop CS5. This is a quick tutorial and does not require much of your time. I made this Typography with some simple effects of Photoshop.


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