30 Brilliant Examples Of Lightning Photography

Lightning photography is very tricky, requiring lots of patience and luck, but it can also be one of the most fun and rewarding subjects to shoot. Lightning is one of the hardest photographic subjects to shoot successfully. It’s great fun but you need a fair bit of luck to capture a well exposed, well composed scene filled with interesting lightning bolts. Below we present to you a collection of lightning photography shots that would really took your breath away.

Alta tensione – High voltage by Gigapix –

Alta tensione - High voltage

Spring Break in Florida by Extra Medium

Spring Break in Florida

| L i g h t n i n g | by ? toma01

| L i g h t n i n g |

Dark clouds and lightning over NYC skyline by John P Sullivan

Dark clouds and lightning over NYC skyline

ligthning by 5348 Franco


Thunderstruck by Rick Elkins


Great Salt Lake by Scott Stringham

Great Salt Lake, Utah; "Pissed off Mothership"

Apocalyptic Weather to Biarritz by Yannick Lefevre

[ Explore ] Apocalyptic Weather to Biarritz ~ Pyrénées-Atlantiques / France ~

Cracks of Doom by skarpi

Cracks of Doom - Eyjafjallajökull Volcano Eruptions

Volcanic Sunrise by orvaratli

Volcanic Sunrise - Grímsvötn Eruption, Vatnajökull, Iceland

equilibrium by colerise


The Raging Stillness by down_the_rabbit_hole

The Raging Stillness - Pano Crop

A Light Show by nmjeeptours

A Light Show/Explore Front Page

The Hand of Thor by Ben D Nee

The Hand of Thor

Decuple Lightning by J-a-x

Decuple Lightning

God”s Fireworks by Ms Ladyred

Gods Fireworks

twas a dark and stormy night by darkmatter

twas a dark and stormy night

Finding Earth by Leorex

Finding Earth

That’s, uh, some lightning you”ve got there. by Norby

Thats, uh, some lightning you've got there.

Lightning; My First Try by Kuzeytac

Lightning My First Try

¡Rayos! by Brujo+


S T A T I C by maxxsmart


1.21 Gigawatts! by Kevin Aker Photography

1.21 Gigawatts!

Thunderstruck Thessaloniki!!!!!!!!! by Manolis Thr

Thunderstruck Thessaloniki!!!!!!!!!

Sparky Shortgrass Prairie by Fort Photo

Sparky Shortgrass Prairie

taser by p.folk


Beside the lake of my soul by Dylan MacMaster

Beside the lake of my soul, I stand

A Night and A Storm by Dan Ballard Photography

A Night and A Storm Colorado~Storm~Landscape~Photography

Lightning in Perhentian Island by Fadzly

Lightning in Perhentian Island, Terengganu, Malaysia

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