35 Amazing Slow Shutter Speed Images

Slow shutter speed photography is where you open the shutter for much longer than normal – anything from a few seconds to several minutes. This is perfect for creating blurred crowd shots, giving moving water a fog-like appearance, and capturing trails of light from things like cars and stars.

Speeeeed. by Alex Penfold


Tower Bridge Dolphin by vulture labs

Tower Bridge Dolphin

Tower Bridge by Pickin Images

Tower Bridge

Sea Waterfall by A.alFoudry

Sea Waterfall

King”s Fountain by Shakir”s Photography


Downtown Los Angeles by Menetnashté

Downtown Los Angeles

Underneath The Brooklyn Bridge. by Rares M. Dutu

Underneath The Brooklyn Bridge

Hawa Mahal, Palace of Winds by Popeyee

Hawa Mahal, Palace of Winds

Birmingham Ghost Traffic by David Ellins Photography

Birmingham Ghost Traffic

When speed gets in the blood .. by Jerrycharlotte

"When speed gets in the blood, one must drive to live. Everything one does in life, even love, occurs in an express train racing toward death."

Venizia in Malaysia by kymioflario

Venizia in Malaysia (re-posted)

Blanchard springs falls by Jeka World Photography

Blanchard springs falls

Aci Castello – Thirty long seconds by ciccioetneo

Aci Castello - Thirty long seconds

Retired Boat by ???? ??????

Retired Boat

Mushi Rolling by Connor Surdi

Day 98/365 - Mushi Rolling

Painting With Light by JRyle79

Painting With Light

Forest Symmetry by Frank L

Forest Symmetry

nel fuoco by luporosso

nel fuoco

Morning Glow in the Sierra”s by Dave Toussaint (www.photographersnature.com)

Morning Glow in the Sierra

50|365 by chelsearoberson


Monsters Inc. by S. Canterbury.

Monsters Inc.

Mr. Levi flatters me as he tries to imagine my face without the mask by Diana Pinto

Mr. Levi flatters me as he tries to imagine my face without the mask

Speed of light by Assaf_F

Speed of light

Wooden II by ????? ???????

Wooden II

Love by Sarah Ching


5 Guys with Flashlights by AustinGohn

5 Guys with Flashlights

Emerald Flows by elliot23

Emerald Flows

winter surfer by Edward Olive Fotografo de boda Madrid Barcelona

winter surfer

craziness summit by U_SF

craziness summit

Lights Out at the Skatepark by John Barbs

Lights Out at the Skatepark

Chicago Long Exposure by Josh Wiersema

Chicago Long Exposure

Light Trace by GI Les

Light Trace

Day 58 by Carl Spencer

Day 58

Waiting For The Right Time by Orangeya

Waiting For The Right Time

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