25 Beautiful Underwater Photography Images

Underwater photography is a great way to capture the beauty of nature. Underwater photography is usually taken when diving underneath the water, but it can also be taken while snorkeling as well as even swimming. In this post, we present 25 Beautiful Underwater Photography Images. Hopefully, these beauties will inspire you to create beautiful artwork, web designs, graphics, wallpaper, illustrations, etc. All of the images are linked to their sources. Click on them to get the high-resolution versions.

Marine Catfish by Brian Skerry

Marine Catfish_1

Sunken Ship by David Doubilet

Sunken Ship_2

sweet fish! By JennyHuang

sweet fish_3

Sea Stars by Thomas P. Peschak

Sea Stars_4

Form By Micah Camara


Sharks by Wilfried Niedermayr


wheeeee!! By doug.deep


Underwater By SARAΗ LEE


the chainless links By brookeshaden

the chainless links_9

Nature’s Visual Effects! By Ammar Al-Fouzan

Nature Visual Effects_10

Ocean Air Bubble by Mark Tipple

Ocean Air Bubble_11

Shark Tank By Life by the Drop

Shark Tank_12

Underwater Sculpture Park by Jason deCaires Taylor

Underwater Sculpture Park_13

Nice to meet you By Micah Camara

Nice to meet you_14

A curious gaze! By Spice ♥ Darling

A curious gaze_15

falling apart By brookeshaden

falling apart_16

Octopus by Pasquale Vassallo


Water Life By hpizka

Water Life_18

Whale Sharks are coming! By yoshiko314

Whale Sharks are coming_19

Ungbarnasund By Eythor


Clownfish on an Anemone Carpet By mikel.hendriks

Clownfish on an Anemone Carpet_21

Deep Blue Dolphin Love By LaPrimaDonna

Deep Blue Dolphin Love_22

diving with the sharks By Zé Eduardo…

diving with the sharks_23

Crabeater Seal by Mariusz Potocki

Crabeater Seal_24

Manatee and Fish by Yusuke Okada

Manatee and Fish_25

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