Packaging Design Inspiration : Beer Bottle Labels

We hate to admit it, but we’ve all been known to judge a beer by its label. (Well, hipsters more so. Do you really think they chug PBR because it’s delicious?)

With a dizzying kaleidoscope of beer bottles and on today’s shelves, standout packaging is more important than ever. Here are 50 brands and breweries that have teamed up with the right designers to create products that beg to be seen.

Letterpress Whisky Labels

The labels were letterpress printed on our vintage presses in one colour onto a beautiful uncoated label stock. The labels also required a die cut shape which we decided to ‘kiss-cut’. This means cutting the shape out of the top sheet of the paper enabling the label to be peeled off the backing sheet in one piece ready to be applied to the bottles.



Lade Gaards Brygghus



Recent label designs



Illustration and packaging design for Laken bottles




This just a concept. A pretty sharp idea and simple in the same time. It would be great to bring this concept in to real life.



Backyard wine packaging



Wine Labels Design



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