12 jQuery Flickr Gallery Plugins & Tutorials

Here are 12 jQuery Flickr Gallery Plugins & Tutorials allow you to pull a public Flickr feed and display it however you like. Enjoy !

Flickr Import

Flickr Import is an extremely lightweight, quick and robust tool to display photos from Flickr onto your website.



MyFlickr is a lightweight and fast jQuery plugin made to build thumbnail photowalls from Flickr photostreams and galleries.


A jQuery Flickr Feed Plugin

This plugin makes it easy to pull Flickr feeds and display them on your site. Below are some examples that can get you thinking about its possiblities.


jQuery Flickr Photo Gallery Plug-In

Simply hand the plug-in a Flickr set_id and give the container a width and height and watch it work!


Flickr Photobar Gallery

The aim was to build a bottom photobar that one can easily integrate into a website. It is hidden initially and slides up when the handle is clicked.



The Galleria Flickr Plugin is a small but useful plugin to allow your gallery to communicate with the Flickr API using some really simple commands. Galleria optimizes the Flickr data behind the scenes to make the Gallery rendering as good as possible. You can also control some aspects of the data conversion, like image sizes, sorting, captions etc.



Using flickrBomb in your prototypes is really quite simple. Let’s say you’re building a website for one of your clients who happens to be building a Kevin Bacon fan site. All you have to do is drop an image tag into your layout and set the source to flickr://Kevin Bacon, then set the desired dimensions.



Flickrush is a jQuery plugin designed to make it quick and easy to add your flickr photo stream to any web page with minimal effort. Fully customisable you can choose the number of photos, randomise the ordering and style to fit in with any blog or web page. Click on the demo below to see it in action.



flickrGallery is a jQuery plugin for embedding flickr photos into a webpage. Plugin considers a Gallery to be a list of Albums (similar to Flickr’s Collections). Albums are considered to be photosets.


Pulling Your Flickr Feed with jQuery

Feeds are the easiest way to view updated content, whether it’s through a feed reader or outputted onto a web site. There are many different types of feeds, such as RSS or Atom, and many different ways display them on your site, such as using MagpieRSS to parse an RSS feed in PHP. However, you can also display feeds on your site using JavaScript, so in this post I’m going to be talking about a feed format called JSON and how you can use JavaScript to parse it out and display it.


Improving a Flickr Plugin with jQuery

For a while, I have been using the flickrRSS WordPress plugin to show my recent flickr photos in the footer of my site. Since I have become more comfortable using jQuery, I thought I would use it to make the plugin better.


Supersized 3.1 jQuery Plugin – Fullscreen Background Slideshow with Flickr Support

Supersized just got rewritten from the ground up. It’s faster, with more options, animations, and added Flickr support.


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