5 Best jQuery Mobile Tutorials

jQuery Mobile is a framework that allows developers to build mobile websites in the same way that they would build websites for desktop browsers. It allows us to write code that works consistently across the most frequently used smart phone and tablet browsers. To ensure cross-browser/-device compatibility, jQuery Mobile is built on clean, semantic HTML.

Getting started with jQuery Mobile

You probably have one in your pocket, or you may be talking to it, or you may be playing games on it—it’s a smartphone. The category of smartphone seems to be quite broad—is it an Android phone, Apple iOS device, BlackBerry phone or something else?


jQuery Mobile: What Can It Do for You?

Find out how the new jQuery Mobile framework can help you build great-looking, cross-device web apps with ease. Lots of code examples and demos included.


How to Build an RSS Reader with jQuery Mobile

Today, we’ll dive in, and build a simple Tuts+ RSS reader, using PHP and jQuery Mobile. When we’re finished, you’ll have the ability to add this simple project to your iPhone or Android phone with the click of a button, as well as the skills to build your web apps!


How to create a mobile WordPress theme with jQuery Mobile

Last month, jQuery Mobile was released. This tool allows you to easily create mobile websites and web apps. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a mobile-optimized WordPress theme.


Create an iPhone Optimised Website using jQTouch

Recently I have been digging deeper into the world of web development for mobile devices. In particular for mobile Safari which is the browser that the iPhone and iPod Touch uses. I have recently been working on a redesign of my main freelancing website and I’ve decided that I’d like an iPhone-friendly version and so I have chosen to create a tutorial out of developing my own iPhone optimized website.


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