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Minimalism in design has been around for some time, and today it seems to be a welcome alternative to overly busy and unnecessarily cluttered websites, posters, print ads,logos, business card etc … For those new to this art form, the concept of minimalism is mostly concerned with stripping away excess and strategically placing remaining elements. The result can be a calming, yet powerful design that is streamlined to convey its message. You can find minimalism in all art forms, from brochure to logo design.

To get the most out of a minimalist design, whether it be for something as small as a logo or large as a billboard, be sure to use the right elements correctly. Color, layout, white space, graphics & typography all play an important role in minimalism.

25 Lovely Minimalist Business Cards Designs


“Minimalist” here doesn’t mean “simple” only, “creative” is required as well. The layout, material and typography are the elements for you to make your minimalist business cards stand out. The following are some great examples, enjoy.

18 Minimalist Brochure Designs


Minimalism is a design style that emphasizes simplicity and the removal of superfluous elements in one’s own work. Minimalist designs tend toward more whitespace, better typography, grid layouts, and less color. There is something extraordinary about making something magnificent with limited resources, and in this showcase, you’ll find the work of talented designers that exhibit exemplary use of minimalism theories applied to brochure design.

Minimalist Packaging Design


An amazing project from the guys at Antrepo, applying a minimalist effect on some package design of international brands.

56 Minimalist Print Advertisements that’ll Make You Think


In today’s world, advertisements play a very important role for the success of a product or company. They must deliver powerful messages which attract people’s attention. For print, designers have to be very creative and imaginative, be able to write a powerful copy, and be mindful of the target audience. Minimal print ads are always popular for their simplicity, single image, one- or two-word catchy slogan, strong message, and few colors. In this showcase we have presented 56 amazing minimalist print advertisements for inspiration.

Get Inspired: 50 Awesome Examples of Minimal Typography


Typography is an art, not just simple art but combination of different typefaces merged into graphics to provide a bewitching output, which is without any doubt an Art. When minimalistic designing approach is integrated with composition of type, output can be jaw-dropping. Today we are featuring 50 examples of minimalistic typography designs for inspiration, most probably they will make your jaw-drop.

Examples of Effective Minimalism in Logo Design


When trying to create something visually impressive, it’s tempting to use lots of eye candy or overloaded detail. However, sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. This is especially true when it comes to logo design. It can be a much bolder statement to go minimal and doing so often requires more creativity. Here’s a collection of logo designs where this is demonstrated.

Minimalist Poster Design : 50 Maximalist Examples


Poster printing can be an effective way to market your brand, announce the new release of a product, or advertising an event. There are many different layouts for custom posters from those that seem to have way too much information to those that seem to have too little. In this post, we`ll share 50 Inspiring Minimalist Posters that speaks loudly without saying too much.

21 Resources Especially for Lovers of Minimalism


Minimalism a popular style of design because it keeps things simple and user-friendly. In this post we’ll look at more than 20 websites, blogs and books dedicated to minimalism. Not all of them are related to web design – minimalism can also be applied to other aspects of business and life.

45 Creative & Clever Minimalist Book Cover Designs


A book’s cover has a big job – it has to sell readers in seconds, competing with its bookstore neighbors for attention in a rapidly multiplying field. Sometimes a memorable cover becomes more famous than the book itself. In today’s inspiration post, we bring you a collection of 45 Creative & Clever Minimalist Book Cover Designs.

30 Beautiful Examples of Minimalist Photography


More and more people are looking to simplicity to improve their lives, getting rid of the clutter and tension and only keeping the things that are important. Minimalist element can not ignore in your life and essential to remove unnecessary things aside. Whether in web design or graphic design or illustration architecture or photography or, minimalist composition tend to really make a point. We have Collected 30 powerful images from key elements of minimalists.

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