50 Beautiful Painted Wall Murals

A mural by definition is a painting that is done directly on a wall regardless of size or paint used by the artist.So here some great painted wall murals for inspiration.

Marvelous Mural Art by El Mac and Retna

Seriously, I believe El Mac and Retna are probably the best partnership since Batman and Robin. These two guys can make some really outstanding mural paintings, it’s like one completes the work of the other and the result is a powerful combination of colors and striking lines.

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35 Astonishing Wall Murals For Inspiration

A wall mural is an extremely large work of art, most often a painting, applied to the surface of a wall, ceiling, or floor. A mural can be one of several different styles, but all are designed to bring beauty to the building, whether inside or out. In this we’ve gathered 35 Astonishing Wall Murals for your inspiration.


Street Art : 30 Amazing Wall Murals

A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface. A particularly distinguishing characteristic of mural painting is that the architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously incorporated into the picture. In today’s post we will be sharing with you 30 amazing wall murals for your inspiration.


Ace Hotel Wall Murals

As a designer, I feel it’s always a good idea to take on new and challenging projects when the opportunities present themselves. The way you solve problems and adapt to different situations is a big part of what defines you as a designer. For example, when I was approached by Ace Hotel in NYC to do a series of murals that would cover multiple walls of some of their hotel rooms, I jumped at the chance… even though at the time I had no earthly idea how I was going to do it. I figured out a way though and now I use some of the techniques I developed for this project in other design projects, especially when I need to create hand made or illustrated typography.


30 stunning Street painting & awesome wall murals

Street painting has been recorded throughout Europe since the 16th century. Street painters in Italy are called madonnari (singular form: madonnaro) because they often created pictures representing the Madonna. In England they are called screevers.


Inspiration: Street Art, Murals, and Graffiti

Let’s jump into some street art tutorials from Computer Arts and other sources that will have you creating very cool digital murals and graffiti in Photoshop. We’ll take a look a handful of articles that showcase multiple inspirational graffiti artists work. We’ll also look at some additional groups, resources, and graffiti style freebies. Let’s look at graffiti artists in action and their digital production techniques.

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