30 Radical Bicycle Designs

Invented in the 19th century, the bicycle hasn’t changed much since then, and it’s sorely in need of a 21st century makeover. Luckily, there are plenty of designers eager to jump in and do just that, with amazing concepts that fold into compact portable packages, harness solar energy, store kinetic pedal power and even allow amphibious travel. Some are ready for the assembly line while others will never be more than an idea, but all 30 of these designs are quite a departure from the ordinary.

One Bike by Thomas Owen

One Bike by Thomas Owen-1

Vélo by Gerardo Leon

Vélo by Gerardo Leon-1

smart ebike by Hussein Al-Attar

smart ebike by Hussein Al-Attar-1

bike by guestblogme

bike by guestblogme-1

bike by guestblogme

bike by guestblogme-1

bendy-bike-1 by margaret_wiltshire

bendy-bike-1 by margaret_wiltshire-1

horsey bike by margaret_wiltshire

horsey bike by margaret_wiltshire-1

Lance Armstrong Bike by Jader

Lance Armstrong Bike by Jader-1

DH freeride bike-concept by Israel Antunez

DH freeride bike-concept by Israel Antunez-1

Shocker Chopper




Flex Ike by Jose Jorge Hinojosa Primo


MISC BICYCLES by Erik Nohlin

MISC BICYCLES by Erik Nohlin

New Concept Bike – BTX by Team Tentakulus

New Concept Bike

Eco Bike by Victor Aleman

Eco Bike by Victor Aleman-1

Bicycle by artnuve


Velorias by Mantas Palaima


Bicycle by TiBigus


Cube’s Urban Street Concept Bike

Urban Street Concept Bike-1

Forkless Cruiser by Olli Erkkila

Forkless Cruiser-1

PLUMA TRACK BIKE by Nuno Teixeira


“hybrid” city bike by peter dudas

city bike-1

bike by Bradford Waugh

bike by Bradford Waugh-1

Locust by Josef Cadek


I bike Concept design by Reindy Allendra

I bike Concept design-1

Artikcar Bike by Ben Wilson

Artikcar Bike-1

Recycle by Shane Crozier

Recycle by Shane Crozier-1

Electric Bike Concept by Yuji Fujimura

Electric Bike Concept-1

Chris Boardman’s Future Bike by Lewis Rowe

Chris Boardman's Future Bike-1

Evolution Bike by Roel Verhagen

Evolution Bike-1

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