20 Great Email Newsletter Designs For Business

Many businesses rely on email newsletters to communicate with their customers and this is also a major means of promotion for many businesses. This presents some opportunities to for you to sell additional services for designing an email newsletter template that can be used by your clients. In this post, we have collected a variety of great examples of business email newsletter designs for inspiration.


We have to say that this email announcement from Alertful for business, by designers Email Spring is really up there amongst the clouds. While many designers (and clients) would have been quite content to borrow the basics from a company’s website and be done, it’s the addition of original pieces like the rocket ship and postage stamp illustrations that really propel this design sky-high in our estimation.

email newsletter design


I love the use of typography in this email by Calligaris and you know what’s best about it? It’s all text! This makes it so friendly to all email clients and gets the message out regardless of whether images have been blocked in the email client.

email newsletter design


Designed in-house, this fun and fresh update from MarketSpace captures readers’ attention with a bright and friendly illustration (I especially love the clouds being held up by string). The single column layout is compact and beautifully executed – with good typography and color consistency helping to create a beautiful, eye catching design.

email newsletter design


This announcement from Cody My Concept nicely summarizes how their service has changed, and highlights the benefits in an easily digestible format. This all leads to a call to action that you simply can’t miss. But beyond what is immediately obvious, what sets this design apart is the subtle details, such as the delicate background patterns, shadows and separators.

email newsletter design


The guys at WooThemes have made a bold move with this design for their new WooJobs newsletter. The layout uses div elements rather than tables, which we don’t normally recommend due to the lack of support in email clients, but for simple single-column layouts like this they can work just fine.

email newsletter design


Here’s a great example of how our free professionally-designed templates can serve you well for inspiration. Ryan Lascano and Justin Kuntz of Creative Soapbox took cues from Newism’s Natural template, especially the big one-column table of contents section up top, They then made a warm and inviting design that’s all their own.

email newsletter design


There is absolutely nothing humble about a bacon sandwich. Delicious—yes, mouthwatering—sure, and to the vegetarians among us—disgusting…but let’s not focus on that. In essence, it’s anything but humble.

email newsletter design


The email design is made up of a stack of one column blocks, in the different colors found in Mexican cuisine. I dig the cheerful visuals throughout the campaign, including a portrait of Derek the donkey. Along with the graphics, each section also has an eye catching heading for easy scannability, featuring stencil (and green chili) lettering.

email newsletter design


Bold blocks clearly separated by striking colors, what’s not to love? This email newsletter from Beal Creative has a solidly simple layout that clearly delineates between sections and draws the eye to some bold photography in addition to the text. I absolutely love how they took the section colors from their logo as well; it just gave the whole design a sense of continuity.

email newsletter design


This email announcement designed by The Wedding Company and Whitespace is simple, elegant, and yes, I’m going to say it: minty fresh. The design is appropriately reminiscent of a wedding invitation and the content is well organized, making sure the change of location banner is immediately obvious, but also delivering more information than just a simple “we’ve moved” message.

email newsletter design


My favorite thing about this design by Shift is the mostly neutral gray color scheme that is punctuated by bursts of color, making the links really stand out. The stunning and timely imagery draws the reader into the content of the email. The layout is narrow and faithful to the grid, creating an email that is balanced and easy to read and scan.

email newsletter design


Finally a style that fits the fun of Pilates! The design from Impero took from Frame’s retro look to jazz up this template for the health and fitness studio. The web version text at the top is right—if you can’t see the images you are missing out; it’s a treat for those who can. The images used are playful and so is the supporting text, especially, “Don’t like us? Fair enough. Unsubscribe.” Did you notice the monotone brick background image? It’s subtle but matches the brick within the section images.

email newsletter design


This campaign from Measure is full of strong lines, striking angles and bold colors. It’s definitely an eye-catching design that makes an encouraging read.

email newsletter design


Take notice – here’s a great looking example of proper HTML email craftsmanship. All too often when we see a nice design like this one, we’re disappointed by poor implementations and exessive use of images for text.

email newsletter design


The design of this campaign was first crafted by Matt Hollands, designer at MPAD, and then made email-friendly by the capable coders of MailAway. Featuring a shifting 1-3 column layout and loads of visual interest, it manages to convey a lot of information while appearing clean and un-cramped.

email newsletter design


A striking combination of black background and colorful imagery works well for this studio newsletter designed by Will Henderson. It’s technically a two column layout using our reliable if dated friend the table tag, but the left column is reserved for text based labels for each content block.

email newsletter design


This wonderfully elegant and classy e-card created by the guys at C5 Communications for Wardrobe just goes to show that less is more sometimes; there really is no need to include masses of promotional text or reams of photos when your campaign looks this good: a subtle background, wonderfully styled text and a delicate illustration, all encompassed in an embossed frame round this email off nicely and clearly conveys everything you need to know to enjoy the benefits of this great offer.

email newsletter design

Gloop Design & Marketing

Gloop Design & Marketing’s newsletter successfully displays a lot of information within neat content blocks, displayed in a varying 1, 2 and 3 column layout. The color scheme also looks great, being subtle and gray in some areas, but bright and yellow in others. This helped it to jump out from the crowd and capture our attention.

email newsletter design


I must admit, I love these themed designs, where a designer takes a real-world concept and ‘webifies’ it, converting it into a digital equivalent, and that’s exactly what the talented team at Clever London have done for Pearson Caribbean here, taking an everyday cork notice board and feeding it straight into the web. While it’s not an entirely original concept, it is one of the best and most stylishly executed examples I’ve seen.

email newsletter design


First up, I have to admit to an ongoing love affair with Oye Modern’s work. In fact, I’ve been dropping occasional hints to my husband to pick up one of their eye-catching designer pieces for months now. But in the interim, I’ve simply settled with wistfully reading their practical, yet vibrant email newsletters (like the one above).

email newsletter design

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