10 Innovative Car Concept Designs

A concept car is a car prototype made to showcase a new vehicle’s styling, technology, and overall design before production. They are often shown at motor shows to gauge customer reaction to new and radical designs which may or may not have a chance of being produced. Concept cars are often radical in engine or design. Some use non-traditional, exotic, or expensive materials, ranging from paper to carbon fiber to refined alloys. Others have unique layouts, such as gullwing doors, 3 or 6 (or more) wheels, or special abilities not usually found on cars. Because of these often impractical or unprofitable leanings, many concept cars never get past scale models, or even drawings in computer design. Enjoy these amazing futuristic works and start dreaming!

Volvo “Skylon” scale concept model

Concept Volvo Truck’s scale model. “Skylon” is a look into the future of what long distance cargo transport may look like. the design elements of this truck has the use of a full solar panel array roof top along with electric hub motors for the cab all while being designed for maxim drag co-effiency. The model is made from CNC’d hight density foam, surfaced primerad and painted. Additional elements are made from SLA parts, fiberglass and acrylic





Mobius Concept car design

The project wants to merge aesthetic suggestion of math and geometry in an harmonic shape that receives you in its essential environment in which the extreme technological refinement reach such a care that becomes invisible.
The car structure has the specific Mobius strip topology to conceptually unifies interior and exterior, and an innovative hi-tech system avoids blind spots using a synergy of flexible OLED screens, head-tracking cams and HD external cams, it really unifies visually inside and outside.

mobius concept car design




Halo Intersceptor – One Car – 360° Transportation™

The Halo Intersceptor is a multi functional vehicle, based around one car that can couple with several vehicle attachments to form the basis of private air, sea and land travel.



UBO – Concept Car

ubo concept car






B7- flying together in same theme – Aviation. This is a hybrid vehicle designed for the road pilot. It is powered by four brush-less wheel hub motors charged by a LPG V8 engine via Super-capacitors. The car is a two seater, in-line, with pilot and co-pilot just like in a jet fighter.
The B7’s State of the art electronic speed control system manages everything from independent hub-motor drive and ABS braking, to adaptive wing angle adjustment. It is a true drive-by-wire car, with no traditional mechanical drive connections. High tech, light weight, extremely fast and agile – this design pushes the boundaries of on-road vehicle performance, and burns the way for HYBRID TECHNOLOGY.






Citroën Survolt



Audi One Cultural Achievement Award

The Audi One’s design focuses on creating a timeless sculpture that will represent the legendary men and woman who win this award. Inspired by timeless objects, the goal is to design an exterior that will stand the test of time, becoming a futuristic statement.



LONDON NAVIGATOR – bus concept (3D)

The London Navigator has been conceptualised as a spiritual successor to the now classic Routemaster bus. The Routemaster is regarded as one of the key recognisable icons of London. It was felt that an equally distinctive replacement for the Routemaster is required to retain this iconography; a red bus that can only be associated with London, is easily distinguishable from the standard double-decker or bendy bus, and is quintessentially British. The overall approach has been to produce a unique and recognisable bus; a functional yet characterful new icon for London.

bus concept design


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