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There can never be enough fonts. Sure, you can do awesome stuff with one or two fonts, but in the end, after 111,111 projects with the same font, it will start to look weary. In this post we have 10 fonts recently released for all genres on this round up. Enjoy !

Egypt 22 Font (Free)


Egypt 22 is an experimental font that is both geometric and symbolic. The reason the font is named “Egypt 22” is because it explores the concept of symbols in languages. We often forget that the first peoples used simplistic symbols to visualize the language and the world itself; These symbols are still used except they have become unnoticeable and refined to the point of incomplete perfection. This font is a set of visuals and symbols that combines geometric proportions with horizontal, vertical lines and geometric shapes. This hybrid combination offers new perspective of how I words and symbols are looked at. It also opens up new pathways of use, not only as a solid font, but also as creative element in Graphic Design.

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WESTON is a new rounded slab-serif font designed by Pavel Pavlov for FONTFABRIC.

The main purpose is to provide designers with font, suitable for modification in logos and headlines. Combined wisely, Weston will spice up your design adding the “not-your-usual-font-choice” effect. Inspired by the evergreen Grover & Rockwell, this font would love to find his place in your library.

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Saddle up! This weighty italic display face comes custom fit with the spurs.

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Quattrocento Sans


Quattrocento Sans is the perfect sans-serfi companion for Quattrocento.
It´s Classic, Elegant & Sober, and it works very good for body copy. Warm, readable and not intrusive.

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Bohema is an Art Deco font with a modern twist, available in 8 distinct styles and is ideal for headlines, editorial letterings, branding, merchandising and a special occasion that requires a different typeface. By buying the full pack you will receive, as a bonus, 4 alternative styles which include alternative characters.
You can download the regular alternative style demo absolutely for free!

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Shattered 3D Font – Free


Shattered 3D is a unique font that has unbelievable detail making your designs stand out from the rest. Each letter has gorgeous shattered elements that are perfectly lit in 3D. The default color is a deep red, however, you can easily change the color by adding a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer inside of Photoshop.

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Matilde Free Font


Matilde is friendly thin typeface with extra tall capitals, elegant look combined with decorative elements. This typeface will work well for headings, short paragraphs, magazines, children’s books, posters, logos and any type of graphic design.

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Ostrich Sans


A new free font has been released by The League of Moveable Type and designed byTyler Finck. The font contains of Dashed (thin), Rounded (medium), Ultra light, Normal, Bold (race track style double lines) and Black.

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Signify Lite: Free Icon Font


Exclusive to MediaLoot, bring scalable and flexible graphics to the web with CSS @font-face and the new Signify Lite web font. With this font you have 38 beautiful, hand-crafted icons at your disposal for any use, you can use them in your designs in Photoshop etc. or on the web, and the beauty of icon fonts (besides the scalability and tiny file size) is that you can edit the colour, size, effects and more with CSS.

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Lost Type Co-op


A condensed uppercase typeface with regular, thin, inline, and bold weights.

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