Facebook Fan Page Design Tutorials Examples & Resources

Despite its privacy issues, Facebook clearly has a key role in global Internet activity. It has become a kind of universal social network, being used for both personal and business needs. For many individuals, companies and organizations, Facebook has become an integral part of their branding strategy and promotional campaigns.

How to Design a Kick-Ass Facebook Fanpage

While a personal profile can only get so much attention, a Facebook Fanpage allows you to expand your reach and your profile’s capabilities. While a business profile is ok, a fanpage for your company, business, service or product is the best approach on Facebook since a fanpage has significantly more options and is more flexible than a simple profile.


Designing A Facebook Fan Page: Showcases, Tutorials, Resources

In this post, we’ll give you an idea of how to use Facebook for your business and self-promotional efforts. Below, you will find best practices for custom Facebook fan page designs, with various approaches to creating an attractive, descriptive and engaging Facebook business page. In addition, the selection of tutorials and resources for Facebook fan page development might help you get started with your own effective Facebook presence.


How a Good Facebook Fan Page Should Look Like: Tips, Best Designs

You guys all know what a huge role Facebook plays in people’s lives — it is the most visited social network, and the second most visited site on the web! For many people, Facebook has become their virtual home, and they cannot imagine their lives out of the Facebook world.


Showcase: Unique Facebook Fan Page Designs

A Facebook fan page is an extension of your brand, as the worlds second most visited website it has a the potential to reach and engage your brand with many people. Customizing and creating Facebook fan pages is becoming very popular, large international brands to small business start-ups are investing in creating custom Facebook fan pages. Recently I was asked to customize a Facebook fan page for a UK based company, I collected many different designs from many different niches, take a look at some of my favorite Facebook pages I collected.


40 Great Examples of Facebook Fan Page Designs

Facebook is the second most visited site in the world. Just from that sentence alone you should be hopping on and creating a Fanpage for your business. But before you do that, you need to get some good old inspiration. Now whatever your business is, Facebook Fanpages are not all the same. Unlike Twitter, Facebook has more usable features than just status updates. You should explore these features and plan out how you will intergrade them with your design. Below we have listed a variety of different examples. Keep in mind the Fanpages below are specific for their business, so you can’t just copy them and think they will work for your business. Once you set up your Fanpage you can advertise it, you can also have giveaways like:


35 Facebook Fan Page Custom Designs

The giants of the industry have amazing Fan Pages and not just because they can afford specialists to design them, but because they know how to take advantage of the apps and iFrames to make their pages attractive. To show you what I’m talking about, I’ve put together a great showcase of 35 Facebook Fan Pages that you can use for inspiration. Don’t just browse through them. Analyze them and use the elements or apps they’ve integrated to make your page irresistible. Here goes!


Freebie: Facebook Fan Page GUI PSD

The mock-up is 100% pixel-accurate, it has 4 viewing modes (default wall, wireframe wall, default tab, wireframe tab), all layers labeled and grouped. Smart guides are included. The PSD is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS3+.


Free PSD: Facebook Fanpage Template

Lets face it, designers sometimes need to make a mock-up that doesn’t actually exist which sometimes can be time consuming and extremely irritating. Facebook fanpages have been a very hot topic for clients recently. They are wanting to break into the social media scene. FYC is releasing a mock-up Facebook Fanpage with editable text, posting times and anything else you can think of. Our Twitter PSD Freebie generated such a good response that we decided to give this away as well. Hopefully this will save you some time and help you create and effective facebook mock-up for a potential or current client.


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