Toy Photography : 40 Entertaining Stormtrooper Photographs

Toy photography can be a good chance to have some fun. It also provides a good opportunity for learning composition and creative lighting. To get good toy photos, you need to find a story and tell it through your photo, just like all the stormtrooper photos below which we have collected to bring you joy and inspiration. Enjoy! Continue reading Toy Photography : 40 Entertaining Stormtrooper Photographs

Cool Cosplay Photography

Cosplay is another of the many subcategories of photography. It can be defined as a cross between fashion photography and portrait photography , since this style or genre has for its main focus of emphasis to highlight the fashion as well as the wearer of that fashion. The term cosplay photography is mostly derived from the name used by actors who don costumes when acting in certain roles, thus called cosplayers and the name is a joining between cos (for costume) and play (for acting). Continue reading Cool Cosplay Photography