40 High Quality PSD Game Assets

Ever since the rise of easily accessible game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine, there`s been a growing demand for ready-made game assets. PSD game assets have a multitude of advantages. Developers can create visually pleasing games without any significant prior knowledge in game art design. So here are 40 best PSD game assets that will allow developers to create a great looking game without large teams or big budgets. Continue reading 40 High Quality PSD Game Assets

25 Awesome Pixel Art Game Assets

Pixel Art is really popular in games these days. It brings back a great nostalgic feeling for gamers who grew up playing Nintendo, Super Nintendo, or Genesis. If you`re developing your first game, you probably don’t have a full team on board to help you with your graphics that help form the game. So here are 25 awesome pixel art game assets for game developers. Continue reading 25 Awesome Pixel Art Game Assets