Letterpress Business Card Inspiration

Nothing can compare to the elegant look and feel of a letterpress business card. In this pot, we’ll showcases inspirational letterpress business cards from designers, photographers, and businesses around the globe. Enjoy !

Javier Garcia


Iron to Iron Business Cards


Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress Business Cards by Adrianne Gammie_1

Jennifer Mehigan

Jennifer Mehigan_2

Sexy Business Card

Sexy Business Card_3

Lovely Die Cut Business Cards

Lovely Die Cut Business Cards_4

Anda Marie Photography Business Card

Anda Marie Photography Business Card_5

Letterpress Audible Art Business Card

Letterpress Audible Art Business Card_6

Image Now Card Design

Image Now Card Design_7

Gold Thermography Business Cards

Gold Thermography Business Cards_8

CleanWash Letterpress

CleanWash Letterpress_9

Greg Christman Letterpress Business Cards

Greg Christman Letterpress Business Cards_10



TSP Edge Painting Business Card

TSP Edge Painting Business Card_12



Business cards for Ellen

Business cards for Ellen_14

Letterpress Business Card

Letterpress Business Card_15

Gigi Letterpress Business Card

Gigi Letterpress Business Card_16

Blue Earth

Blue Earth_17

Webb de Vlam Edge Color Business Cards

Webb de Vlam Edge Color Business Cards_18

In Triplicate

In Triplicate_19

Villainy and Associates

Villainy and Associates_20

Slate Studio

Slate Studio_21



Edged Color Business Card

Edged Color Business Card_22

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