25 Clear Transparent Plastic Business Cards

Have you ever heard of transparent business cards? If you haven’t you may well find they appear on your radar more and more in the near future. They are one of the latest trends in business card design, and they are already making quite a name for themselves. Transparent business cards are very good alternative option and are best for those who are always in the search of having something distinct and unique. So here is a showcase of beautiful transparent plastic business cards for ideas and inspiration.

Acrylic black business cards


kunstrasen graphic design businesscard


Digital Fish Business Card


Plastic business cards

Plastic business cards_1

Transparent BDG Business Card

Transparent BDG Business Card_2

Transparent Jim Kennedy Photography Business Card

Transparent Jim Kennedy Photography Business Card_3

NetPlus ID Transparent Business Card

NetPlus ID Transparent Business Card_4



Clear Plastic Benzing Technologies Business Card

Clear Plastic Benzing Technologies Business Card_6

Kevin Franco Business Card

Kevin Franco Business Card_7

Creative Development Business Card

Creative Development Business Card_8

Fashion Designer Plastic Business Card

Fashion Designer Plastic Business Card_9



Fotograf Transparent Business Card

Fotograf Transparent Business Card_11

Kunstrasen Transparent Business Card

Kunstrasen Transparent Business Card_12

Websifu Transparent Business Cards

Websifu Transparent Business Cards_13

MDC Transparent Business Card

MDC Transparent Business Card_14

QR Code Transparent Business Cards

QR Code Transparent Business Cards_15

Cool Plastic Business Card

Cool Plastic Business Card_16

Transparent Motion Dreams Business Card

Transparent Motion Dreams Business Card_17

Clear Plastic Business Cards

Clear Plastic Business Cards_18

Elevator Transparent Business Card

Elevator Transparent Business Card_19

Catalyst Studios Transparent Business Card

Catalyst Studios Transparent Business Card_20

Grafanna Transparent Business Card

Grafanna Transparent Business Card_21

Teqnik Frosted Plastic Business Card

Teqnik Frosted Plastic Business Card_22

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