10 Modern Business Brochure Designs

Whatever your brochure’s purpose may be, it should always be well-designed to attract potential customers and eventually increase your profit. The design of your prints must complement your killer brochure copy to get the results you need from your customers. Be inspired to create your own powerful marketing tools with the help of these 10 business brochure designs.

Rebrand – Brochure

The brochure features illustrative photography to showcase the companies core services. The cover doubles as a pocket folder to house additional company literature.

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IamExpat Business Brochure

ΙamExpat is a 24/7 online resource platform aiming at covering the local needs of expatriates who wish to socialize, share ideas and information as well as create and evaluate business opportunities in the Netherlands.

The IamExpat identity is a mixture of different colours, shapes and sizes. It accurately depicts the multiple segments of the Dutch expatriate community and the local multicultural society; the Netherland’s social melting pot.

The five-colour palette, inspired by the different skin colours, is used in random order to create unique mosaics, while the “cut-out” letters portray the multicultural background of the international expatriate population. It also visualises the commitment of IamExpat to every new coming expatriate regardless of race, ethnicity or appearance.

Symphony Consulting Company Brochure

Stream designed a new company brochure for Symphony Consulting to showcase the various SAP consulting solutions offered by the company. The custom design allowed a pocket in the back for some custom sell sheets, their company DVD, a personal letter along with room for a business card insert.

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Business Brochure Design

Your marketing materials create a first, and often, lasting impression for your company. Does your graphic design present the image you want, or could it do a better job of making an impression that people notice and remember? Whether we’re talking about graphic design for brochures, billboards or presentation folders, you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of your prospects, and we have proven time and time again that we can help our clients do exactly that. People make judgments in the blink of an eye. No matter what business you’re in, you have to win people. Quality graphic design delivers a clear message, evokes the right emotion and moves people to action.


Brand Comms Brochure Design

Brand Comms is a promotional piece for Heywood Innovation. The main objective was to showcase the company’s best creative work and create a strong impression. The design of the brochure was all about being bold with a minimal use of forms, colours and typographic elements. Four projects featured in the brochure are Westpac online annual report, Caltex annual report, NSW Fire Brigades branding and NSW Commerce signage guideline.

SZ Developments Brochure

DHNN (design has no name) is an independent visual communication Studio, established in Buenos Aires, Argentina, since 2007. Our main aim is to provide each project with the best of our creative potential. Built around a shared belief that great design can make good ideas into extraordinary ones. We are a multidisciplinary Studio that develops efficient communication systems.

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CirclePharma – Brochure

Circle Pharmaceuticals is a manufacturer of human and animal pharmaceuticals in Central and Southern Africa. The brochure integrates with the company’s newly designed identity, and reflects its bold, corporate color scheme. Special die-cutting and pocket folding allow the brochure to double as a presentation folder.


Direct Mail and Sales Brochure

The brochure is one component in a series of promotional tools created to update the company’s brand image. Special die-cutting and folding showcase the company information in a dynamic format.

slaes brochure

Business Brochure

The brochures were split into two booklets and simply bound together with an elastic. The first booklet entitled “The Curiosity Quotient” took a more editorial approach. By using the theme of “Curiosity” I wanted to express the innovations, beliefs, history and culture of Springer in a less conventional way. Images were placed on top of introductory text to further pique the readers curiosity.


Self Promotional Package

When creating the resume, I used a non-standard size (approximately 7″ x 18″) tri-fold. The brochure-style foldout served a both a resume and cover letter.


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