20 Beautiful Digital Fantasy Paintings

Digital painting combines traditional painting techniques with digital tools. It is different from computer-generated art where the computer renders the drawing via push button filter. You create the painting, directly on your Mac, by using a Wacom tablet and a stylus pen. The Wacom tablet can be compared to a canvas or watercolor paper surface. The stylus pen is your paintbrush. When You complete a digital painting, the file is archived and then printed directly onto watercolor paper or canvas.
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15 WordPress Theme Development Tutorials

WordPress is undoubtedly an amazing publishing platform. You can get started as quickly as with few clicks or you can customize it to any level you want. The internet is filled with good quality tutorials on customizing every aspect of WordPress. Here are some excellent tutorials that will help wordpress theme developers make better themes and give them an idea of different and unique ways to customize WordPress according to need.
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