15 Creative & Elegant Wedding WordPress Themes

Wedding websites are a growing trend among modern brides. It’s a way to not only spread news about your wedding, but about your undying love for your significant other. The desire to want to customize a site that reflects someone and their honey is an obvious act of love. So if you want to set up a website that will both symbolize your union and get your wedding guests thrilled about the event, here are some creative and elegant WordPress themes to to keep friends and family informed about your special day. (more…)

24 Cool & Cutting Edge Parallax WordPress Themes

Remember, good design is always intentional and purposeful. Parallax is a very beautiful and effective tool when used well. Depending on the purpose, content, and desired aspects of the site, parallax can help create a modern, beautiful, and very interactive experience for the visitor. If you want your website to reflect cutting-edge and modern standards, here are 24 cool and cutting edge themes that will add the parallax scrolling effect to your WordPress site. (more…)

10 Superb Minimalist WordPress Themes

Minimalist WordPress Themes are growing in popularity these days as more and more businesses and individuals are looking to create a simple and minimal look and feel for their brand. Minimalist websites are timeless as they are built on solid design foundations and aren’t affected by short-term design trends and fads. With so many Minimal Style WordPress Themes out there it’s sometimes hard to find the one you’re looking for, here are some of my favorites based on quality, creativity and functionality. (more…)

12 Best WordPress Admin Plugins

There are so many WordPress plugins available, it’s actually pretty hard to sort through them all and figure out what the absolute must haves really are. Depending on what you’re looking for, there are often half a dozen (or more) plugins available that claim to do exactly what you need … Here are 12 must-have WordPress admin plugins that will solve all of these shortcomings : (more…)