20 Sunny Yellow Web Designs

Close your eyes and imagine what you see when you think of the color yellow. Most likely you’ll picture the sun first, followed by bright yellow flowers of primroses, buttercups. Perhaps you think of Van Gogh’s vibrant “Sunflowers”. Maybe you see yellow lemons, golden corn or ripe bananas. yellow monochromatic color scheme Whatever you see, all these images are symbols of life and joy. Continue reading 20 Sunny Yellow Web Designs

25 Sexy Red Website Designs

Using the color red is not always the most common choice for a designers palette when designing a website. While many stray away from its use by sticking to the more popular greens, and blues, here are some beautiful and professionally looking red-colored website design for your inspiration. We hope you will enjoy this wonderful showcase. Continue reading 25 Sexy Red Website Designs

Photographer Portfolio Website Design Inspiration

One of the most challenging task for web designers is to design photographer personal portfolio, as it should show their talent and unique style. In this post we’ll showcases some stylish and creative photographer portfolio designs to draw some inspiration for your own projects. If you need some inspiration for portfolio web design or just want to have a look at some creative web designs, these are definitely worth having a look at. I hope you enjoyed this inspirational article. Continue reading Photographer Portfolio Website Design Inspiration

35 Awesome Responsive Web Designs 2012

Responsive web designs are created to adjust automatically in both size and layout to fit any of the commercially available screen resolutions. From mobile phones to big screen TVs, responsive sites can modify themselves to fit the medium you’re using to view them. Without responsive design, several disconnected versions of the same site would have to be developed and toggled by hand or using complicated screen resolution and device detection scripts. This can double or triple development costs, while making updates to the site a major inconvenience. In this post we’ll show you 35 awesome responsive web designs for your inspiration. Make sure to adjust your browser size to see the responsive design in action. Continue reading 35 Awesome Responsive Web Designs 2012

20 Creative Single Page Website Examples

Single page website designs are an interesting way to showcase your website all in one place. Single page websites may be used for portfolio display, compact information display, businesses that have not yet developed an ecommerce format to sell their goods or services but still want an online presence with a nice web interface for other reasons, personal pages and more. Often used in single page designs, jquery plugins allow for quick and smooth navigation between page content sections. In this post we will showcase 20 amazing single page websites for your inspiration. Continue reading 20 Creative Single Page Website Examples