35 Awesome Responsive Web Designs 2012

Responsive web designs are created to adjust automatically in both size and layout to fit any of the commercially available screen resolutions. From mobile phones to big screen TVs, responsive sites can modify themselves to fit the medium you’re using to view them. Without responsive design, several disconnected versions of the same site would have to be developed and toggled by hand or using complicated screen resolution and device detection scripts. This can double or triple development costs, while making updates to the site a major inconvenience. In this post we’ll show you 35 awesome responsive web designs for your inspiration. Make sure to adjust your browser size to see the responsive design in action. (more…)

10 Free & Premium Responsive WordPress Themes

There has been a lot of talk recently about responsive web design – using media queries to adjust a layout to specific sizes, at its most basic it means serving up different versions of your web site depending what size screen resolution a person is using. There are a number of WordPress themes with responsive layouts thats have been released for free, which I will cover in this blog post. (more…)