60 Free Icon Sets

Icons allow web designers to add extra finishing touches to designs, icons can help convey important messages or call to actions to the user in a stylish and unobtrusive way. Icons can help add to the overall user experience without using excessive amounts of text which can clutter the web page. Here are 60 Free Icon Sets from devianART to download and add to your collection. Continue reading 60 Free Icon Sets

85 Icon Design Tutorials In Photoshop

In today’s post we have compiled a very useful list of Adobe Photoshop icon design tutorials that will teach you the techniques you will need for designing your own icons using mainly Photoshop. If you have a passion for Icon Design or are a GUI designer on the search for some tips then these tutorials will definitely help you achieve your goal! Enjoy and stay creative! Continue reading 85 Icon Design Tutorials In Photoshop

20 Icon Design Tutorials Using Adobe Illustrator

To get an icon for your design work is pretty easy now, because there are so many icons out there that are ready to use whether they are free or not. But if you want something different with your icons, you should learn how to make them. Below are awesome icon design tutorial lists for you that will teach how to make your own icon using illustrator. Continue reading 20 Icon Design Tutorials Using Adobe Illustrator