25 Beautiful & Creative HTML5 Portfolio Website Templates

Designing your web site well can significantly alter your user’s reaction to your work. Your goal in creating a portfolio is to present your credentials and personal information in a manner that is functional, user friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. If you have some HTML or other web programming skills, you may want to consider creating a web portfolio that utilizes a more interactive and presentational effect. If not, you may want to utilize a portfolio template. The following is acollection of 25 beautiful and creative html5 portfolio website templates. Some are free and some are paid. (more…)

100 Creative HTML5 Portfolio Websites

Building your online portfolio is easy. The hard part is making it good. A killer portfolio does more than just showcase your work. It transforms visitors into clients. Best of all, it’s an automatic work generator. In this post, we have collected 100 creative portfolio websites coded with html5 for your inspiration, they range from web design and developers, graphic designers and photographers. (more…)

10 Best Free HTML5 Video Players

One of the most exciting buzz these days in web circles is about HTML5 and specifically video on HTML5. HTML5 video tag has solved the age old problem site owners and designers face on how to best embed video on websites. HTML5 can play video online without adobe flash player. There are more beautiful HTML5 video interface built in, including a set of controls (play/pause etc.), so you don’t need anything else to play video in them. So here are 10 Best Free HTML5 Video Players. (more…)

6 Useful HTML5 Local Storage Tutorials

HTML5 Local Storage is one of the most powerful features that came out of HTML5 bundle. HTML5 local storage is used for storing key value pairs on the client side. These key value pairs can be retrieved in HTML pages originating from the same domain. So here are six useful tutorials to get you started with HTML5 local storage. (more…)