5 Useful Free Online Website Form Generators

It is obviously that contact form is important part of many websites since it saves a lot of time and makes it extremely easy for site visitors to contact you directly. Making website contact forms is sometimes a very tedious work. In this post, you’ll find some Free Online Web Form Generators that allow you to create contact forms easily even without knowing much about PHP programming. (more…)

10 Best Online QR Code Generators

QR Codes are 2 dimensional barcodes that are easily scanned using any modern mobile phone. This code will then be converted into a piece of text and/or link. For instance, you walk around in the city and notice a poster for an event that seems interesting. You take out your mobile phone, scan the QR Code and will instantly get more information and a link to a website where you can book your tickets. You don’t have to type or remember anything and because QR Codes can be very small, this saves a lot of space on the product as well. (more…)