25 Awesome Typographic Restaurant Menu Templates

A menu`s typeface, when put to correct use, can be the window into a restaurant`s kitchen, environment, and even its culture. Selecting a typeface for your menu might seem like the tiniest of those details, but nonetheless, it is a surprisingly important decision. The fonts and typefaces used in a menu can say a lot about the restaurant. A well-designed restaurant menu can educate and entertain the customer as well as be a communication, cost control, and marketing tool for your restaurant. So here are 25 restaurant menu templates using effective typography to create legible menu. Continue reading 25 Awesome Typographic Restaurant Menu Templates

25 Awesome Ticket Template Designs

Tickets more than sell and present important information regarding an event. They serve as mementos of a wonderful day or night out with your loved ones and friends, may that be a date, an exciting football game or an awesome dance party. Whatever the event, these printed materials serve as souvenirs that can be brought home and help people easily remember. So here are 25 beautifully designed PSD, EPS and AI ticket templates that can attract more and more people to buy it and attend the event. Continue reading 25 Awesome Ticket Template Designs