20 Best Real Estate Web Design Templates

Real Estate is an industry that values beauty and elegance – and not just beautiful homes and properties. It’s also important for your real estate organization to have a beautiful web design. In this post, we’ll showcase 20 Best Real Estate Web Design Templates that are suitable for creating websites for real estate companies, agents and other real estate businesses. (more…)

90 Best Flat Website Templates

Everybody knows that less is more. Simplicity is the key to success and flat design is a proof of that. From today on, you should forget about 3d effects, textures and gradients in your design. Only simple shapes, intuitive navigation and contrasting colors! In this post, I want to share 90 Best Flat Website Templates with you. (more…)

27 E-Commerce Website Design Templates

Starting a new business can be quite a hassle, and from tax forms to business registrations, employees, and marketing, it can be a bit overwhelming. Ecommerce web templates are very essential part of web designing. Often, business owners want to get online fast, to get their name out there over the internet, but hiring a web designer and developer is either out of the price range or a bit too time consuming for an untested venture. In this post we are featuring 27 E-commerce Website Design Templates. (more…)