60 Free Icon Sets

Icons allow web designers to add extra finishing touches to designs, icons can help convey important messages or call to actions to the user in a stylish and unobtrusive way. Icons can help add to the overall user experience without using excessive amounts of text which can clutter the web page. Here are 60 Free Icon Sets from devianART to download and add to your collection. Continue reading 60 Free Icon Sets

Free Social Media Icon Sets : 10 Fresh Icons

There’s no denying the importance of social networks.Whether you run your own website, blog, or just need some high resolution icon sets for a presentation…look no further. These free premium social media icon sets are all free and will definitely grab some attention. Upgrading your social media icons is an easy and quick way to get your particular social network feeds more noticed. Use these various social media icon designs and you’ll hopefully start seeing a faster growth of followers, friends, and community. Continue reading Free Social Media Icon Sets : 10 Fresh Icons

Free High Quality E-Commerce Icon Sets

E-commerce is a term used to describe buying and selling of products and services in the web. Unsurprisingly, because of the rise of modern technology, more and more people are indulging in e-commerce. Nowadays, organizations of all types are into creating their websites for expansion of business and of course for greater customer service. It’s quite important, for this type of interaction to customers, that the site will be user-friendly as possible. Undeniably, icons are far easier to understand and creates more life to the site. It also produces a feeling of invitation to explore the site more. Continue reading Free High Quality E-Commerce Icon Sets