75 Cool 3D Desktop Wallpapers

To keep your designs and desktop fresh, charismatic and impressive, I have narrow down 75 cool 3D desktop wallpapers, from a very wide range from internet. I am absolutely sure that you will not only love them but also try them as backgrounds in making a website or in your next designing project. So indulge yourself in this beautiful and inspiring valley of art. (more…)

Landscape Wallpaper : 50 Beautiful Wallpapers

Designers are constantly seeking visual inspiration. That’s why many of us frequently change our desktop wallpapers. It’s nice to have an image that is visually stunning to glance at as we are switching between applications or just taking a break from our work. In this post, I’ve taken the time to round up some very inspiring and beautiful landscape wallpapers. (more…)

25 Frosty Christmas Wallpapers 2011

Christmas Day! One of the merriest occasions of the year. Christmas is observed every 25th of December.As part of the celebration, people decorate their homes with colorful lanterns, building Christmas Tree, and wrapping gifts for family, friends, special ones and even colleagues. Christmas is the time when the world is filled with joy and love.It’s Christmas once again.

As the holidays are getting nearer, we came with a thought to provide some great wallpapers for our users. Now is the time to decorate the desktop with some 25 Frosty Christmas Wallpapers 2011. (more…)

10 Beautiful Fractal Art Wallpapers

Wikipedia defines the fractal art as calculations of fractal objects that are processed and the calculation results are presented as still images, animation or other media. The idea behind fractal art is that calculations and equations can produce great artwork and creative inspirations as well as the tools in the artist’s hand. So here are 10 Beautiful Fractal Art Wallpapers for your inspiration. (more…)

30 Cool Photo Manipulation Wallpapers

Photo Manipulation is an art, a combination of photography and graphic design. This art has been used for improved story-telling and self-expression. Blending and mixing a bunch of different photos and creating one kickass photo from it is not an easy task. This require some great skills. Here are 30 Cool Photo Manipulation Wallpapers for inspiration. (more…)

Android Wallpaper Download : 55 Best Wallpapers

Android operating system is spreading like wildfire. Smartphone manufacturers are scrambling to produce their version of Android phone and all this has just started. So in this post we have a large selection of high resolution android wallpapers directly suitable for your Android phone. Just download and enjoy, everything is free! (more…)