25 Clean & Elegant Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress is a printing method in which the ink is “pressed” into the paper resulting in ink transfer as well as the indentation left from the printing. What makes the process so unique for the purposes of letterpress business cards is the texture and style that letterpress printing allows. Business Cards on a letterpress creates such unique experience for those handling your card just as they receive it. (more…)

30 Brilliant Minimalist Business Cards

Minimalist designs are more pleasing to look at because it’s clean and clear and simple. It is never an eyesore to look at compared to some designs that have too much going on. Minimalist design is all the rage nowadays so it’s good to stick with simple designs. From web design layout, gadgets to hotel interiors you will notice that designs today are stylized, but very minimalist. Most high-end brands lean towards minimalism and focus on functionality. (more…)

30 Stunning Typographic Business Cards

When it comes to typography, you are getting a design built from your words. It’s different, it’s unique and it’s very stylish. Everyone needs that little extra something in their card that makes it all about the personality. Your business should be different than anyone else’s, therefore so should your business card design. In this post we will showcase 30 Stunning Typographic Business Cards for your design inspiration. (more…)