26 Awesome EPS, AI & PSD T-Shirt Design Templates

If you’re stuck for a designer, there are also options to purchase pre-made designs. You’ll want to keep in mind that if you choose to go this route, there’s high likelihood that other people are already selling the design, making it harder for you and your brand to stand out. So here are some awesome t-shirt design templates in PSD, EPS and AI file format. You can print and sell them right away or just use them for web or software. (more…)

26 Amazing Powerpoint Templates That Truly Work

Powerpoint is powerful – but it can be challenging to create really professional-looking results. Presentations are really important each presentation you make will add or subtract from your business reputation. You can use the opportunity to impress the people that matter but if your presentations aren’t better than average that’s not going to happen. So if you are tired of the same old ‘default’ themes that Powerpoint brings along for the ride, here are 26 effective, modern and easy customize Powerpoint templates to spice up your presentations. (more…)

24 Cool & Cutting Edge Parallax WordPress Themes

Remember, good design is always intentional and purposeful. Parallax is a very beautiful and effective tool when used well. Depending on the purpose, content, and desired aspects of the site, parallax can help create a modern, beautiful, and very interactive experience for the visitor. If you want your website to reflect cutting-edge and modern standards, here are 24 cool and cutting edge themes that will add the parallax scrolling effect to your WordPress site. (more…)

22 Cool Business Brochure Templates

Brochure Templates are one of the most important form of media used today in advertising, promoting and giving information to the society at large. They give an overview of your business- your products, services, procedures, achievements and a lot more. Well designed and catchy brochures ensure that the content they carry creates a better impression on the people for whom it is meant. (more…)