30 Brilliant Minimalist Business Cards

Minimalist designs are more pleasing to look at because it’s clean and clear and simple. It is never an eyesore to look at compared to some designs that have too much going on. Minimalist design is all the rage nowadays so it’s good to stick with simple designs. From web design layout, gadgets to hotel interiors you will notice that designs today are stylized, but very minimalist. Most high-end brands lean towards minimalism and focus on functionality. (more…)

20 Spectacular Bridge Photographs

In this post, we have compiled a showcase of some truly beautiful photographs of bridges, that stand as prefect examples of the engineering and artistry involved. With classic bridges of old to contrast with those more modern structures of contemporary engineering we have searched the Web for some images we hope you will find inspiring. (more…)

25 Sexy Red Website Designs

Using the color red is not always the most common choice for a designers palette when designing a website. While many stray away from its use by sticking to the more popular greens, and blues, here are some beautiful and professionally looking red-colored website design for your inspiration. We hope you will enjoy this wonderful showcase. (more…)

10 Photoshop Minimalist Website Design Tutorials

Creating a clean and minimal design can be a difficult thing to master – if you make things too minimal you can end up with a very bare looking design that lacks substance. However, if you can get the balance right you’ll have a design that looks both classy and professional. These photoshop tutorial demonstrates that you don’t need to use lots of fancy effects and fonts to create a clean design – it can still look professional without overdoing things. (more…)

Photographer Portfolio Website Design Inspiration

One of the most challenging task for web designers is to design photographer personal portfolio, as it should show their talent and unique style. In this post we’ll showcases some stylish and creative photographer portfolio designs to draw some inspiration for your own projects. If you need some inspiration for portfolio web design or just want to have a look at some creative web designs, these are definitely worth having a look at. I hope you enjoyed this inspirational article. (more…)