30 Extraordinary Travel & Tourism WordPress Themes 2017

The travel industry is one of the most competitive business in the online globe. While they plan for their next trip, people search in the online resources for deals, airline reservations, hotel bookings, car rental services and so on.

Creating a web design for travel agency is not enough to attract travelers who search for value travel deals online. Your website must be equipped with essential features that make it likeable for search engines as well as users. If you are looking for a website that meets user expectations meticulously then here are 30 Extraordinary Travel & Tourism WordPress Themes. (more…)

25 Killer HTML Music Website Design Templates

A website gives you a sense of professionalism to media, bloggers, fans and even interested labels. A website also gives you free rein to present yourself in a long-form fashion, where social media obviously only gives you insight in a quick, short-form setting. While social media is the go-to spot to show off your personality and the various components to your brand, your website should still serve as the hub of your persona, and act as the one-stop-shop for information on your work. Whether you have a site or are thinking about creating one, here are 25 killer HTML music website design templates that will you attract more fans, book more shows, and sell more music online. (more…)

35 Best PowerPoint Templates 2017

A well designed PowerPoint can help deliver your message to the audience. You also need to be able to make a presentation that makes an impact. From using sophisticated transitions and animation in your PowerPoint presentations to interfacing in person with your audience. That is why we have gathered 35 PowerPoint templates to create professional-quality slides that captivate audiences for making first-rate presentations, whether you`re at a podium or online. (more…)

20 Best Hotel WordPress Themes That Convert

If you own a hotel, inn, lodge, or any other type of physical location designed to accommodate guests, it should go without saying that you need a website. A hotel website is a vital part of the establishment’s marketing efforts. In fact, more and more people are going online to place their reservations before going on holiday. Gone are the days when people would pick up the phone and book a room; the online arena has exploded with possibilities thanks to the proliferation of gadgets which allow everyone to go online. (more…)

25 Awesome Typographic Restaurant Menu Templates

A menu`s typeface, when put to correct use, can be the window into a restaurant`s kitchen, environment, and even its culture. Selecting a typeface for your menu might seem like the tiniest of those details, but nonetheless, it is a surprisingly important decision. The fonts and typefaces used in a menu can say a lot about the restaurant. A well-designed restaurant menu can educate and entertain the customer as well as be a communication, cost control, and marketing tool for your restaurant. So here are 25 restaurant menu templates using effective typography to create legible menu. (more…)